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Ubisoft reveals the first gameplay of Tom Clancy’s The Division: Resurgence

Players get a glimpse of the most anticipated game!

Last week, Ubisoft announced a closed alpha test for its latest action shooter RPG Tom Clancy’s The Division: Resurgence. Today, Ubisoft has released three-minute official walkthrough gameplay to give the fans the first glimpse of The Division Resurgence.

The gameplay walkthrough was given by James Berry, the community developer of Ubisoft. The gameplay walkthrough, captured “completely on mobile” showed us the first looks of the game’s features.

Players will get the authentic Division experience on mobile

The players will be playing as the first group of agents sent to the collapsed New York City to protect the civilians and fight the enemies. Each agent will be granted a specialization class with unique abilities and a choice of skill trees. Players can use the unique skills of the agents and use them on the battlefield for both solo and co-op gameplay.

The Division Resurgence gameplay
Image via Ubisoft

Players can also use the minimap to find their tasks and pinpoint their location. Pinpointing will highlight the route of the objective. The time required for missions, activities, and encounters has been reduced, allowing players to play on the go. The game also brings in a vast arsenal of weapons. Players can pick their favorite weapon suitable for them. Players can upgrade weapons to improve their performance. 

The Division: Resurgence brings a lot of customizable features to the game. The games’ controls and overlay are customizable to give the players the most comfortable gaming experience. Players can also customize and upgrade the abilities of their agents by collecting loot or crafting materials. 

The Division: Resurgence will bring a lot of uniqueness to the series

In a recent interview, the executive producer of the game, Fabrice Navrez, revealed that Resurgence would bring a new storyline, gameplay, factions, and specialization.

The Division Resurgence will add a unique storyline to the whole series. The storyline is set in a way for Division fans and newcomers to enjoy it. The events will initially take place before The Division I events. After that, a large portion of the story will take place after The Division I and The Division II. Fabrice also said that the players would meet the people from The Division I and The Division II and know what happened to them, before the events of the previous series. 

The Division: Resurgence will also bring in a new dedicated faction called ‘Freemen’ alongside the factions from the previous series. The freemen, composed of civil workers, will have their arsenal and build their weapons. 

Ubisoft is yet to confirm an official release date

Players can also play and explore the city with their friends through the open-world feature of the game. The game will also have a clan system in which a group of players can gather and play together and save the civilians of New York City. 

The release date has not been announced yet by the developers. But the players can register for the closed alpha test that they will undergo this month.

Are you excited after seeing the first gameplay reveal from The Division Resurgence, which is being announced by Ubisoft? Let us know in the comments below!

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