Undawn Desert Fury update brings New Map, Events and more

Desert Fury, the first update for the free-to-play open-world survival RPG Undawn, has been released by Level Infinite, a game publisher devoted to providing top-notch experiences to a global audience, and LightSpeed Studios, one of the most successful and innovative game developers in the world. A new location, story arc, raids, character roles, events, vehicles, and a tonne more exciting new material have all been added to the latest edition.

Players can participate in new raids and events in the Undawn Desert Fury update

Once in the game, be sure to claim your update gift containing 1,500 Coupons, 20,000 Silver, and 2 Material Supply Packs by August 27. Players will also get an exclusive Punk Rock permanent outfit for free through the login event along with new raids and other events. Here are the key highlights of the Undawn Desert Fury update.

New Map: Golden Desert

Golden Desert, once a popular tourist destination for rally races and music festivals but now hidden by sand, is home to military-restricted areas and UFO legends. Discover hotels, oases, and the mesmerizingly magnificent desert environment abounding with antelope, foxes, and coyotes. Players can be ready for intriguing secrets and the eerie embrace of aridity!

Undawn increase storage
Image via Level Infinite

New Story: The Abyss

Catherine’s team journeys to the mysterious Koller Mine Laboratory source but disappears in the desert with no sign of them. It’s time for survivors like you to make the perilous journey into the dangerous Golden Desert, where peril awaits at every step, to discover the long-kept secrets of the laboratory.

New Settlement: Junkyard – Carnival Land for the Owls

The Junkyard, now an exciting racing hub and paradise for vehicle modification, was once a junkyard for automobiles. It is currently governed by the Owls. Join the Owls, take on challenges, and improve the reputation of your town to gain access to amazing gifts including unique musical instruments and fashionable costume patterns.

Undawn Desert Fury update
Image via Level Infinite

New Roles: Troubadour and Highwayman

Battling on the wasteland’s yellow sands and driving a rock ‘n’ roll speedster. Undawn will soon get the brand-new Highwayman and Troubadour jobs:

  • Meet the Troubadour who can play 5 instruments (electric guitar, bass, keytar, wooden crate, and djembe) in the Band and Road Tour Mode arriving August 31. Level Requirement: 75
  • Meet the Highwayman who can modify and tune your vehicles for better performance on September 14. Turn on the auto-pilot and radio while driving for a musical adventure! Level Requirement: 79

New Events and Game modes in Undawn Desert Fury update

A new threat materialises amid the Golden Desert’s raging sandstorm and hidden monster beasts, causing Ravens Shelter to look into it:

  • Camp Supplies: Engage in this daily duty for ample supplies and unlock the exclusive musical instrument Call of the Blue and epic furniture like Jade Eye and Gold Leaf Fan.
  • Frontline Rescue: Participate in the weekly missions for Army Desert Supplies exchangeable for alloy and modification packs.
  • Beast Intel: Join forces with Catherine to rescue the missing investigation team and unveil the truth behind the enigmatic threat.
  • Fast Ops: Test-drive vehicles on the Golden Desert race track and showcase driving prowess in Ravens Shelter’s disaster survival drills!

Apart from these events, here are the new game modes coming in Undawn Desert Fury update:

  • Wilderness Whirlwind: Get ready for an exhilarating race in the scorching desert! Outmaneuver the opposition and be the first to conquer the finish line! Wilderness Whirlwind replaces the Raging Seas game mode every Monday night.
  • Foggy Battle: Hunt for vital resources left behind by the rescue squad in the murky Blockade zone. Unearth black boxes, decrypt their data, and trace the supplies. Foggy Battle replaces Camp Patrol every Tuesday.
  • Nightmare Special Op – Helia Military Base: The Ravens have decided to venture into the heavily guarded Helia Airbase again to destroy the giant mecha and powerful drones.
  • Training Match: Doomsday Training Ground desert map, claiming various hotspots throughout the map to achieve victory and unlock fantastic rewards. Tiers will be reset with the start of a new quest. The Hotspot Combat Mode and the weekend-only Arena Mode, which take longer than Annihilation Mode, will yield increased Tier Points and Combat Points.

Undawn Desert Fury update: Optimizations and other updates

System Updates

  • Streamlined exploration system interface: Discover the Desert Exploration Shop for item exchanges using Exploration Points. Enjoy the newly added Golden Desert music album.
  • Shortened the role-switching time with a new action log display on Roles screen.
  • Enhanced vehicle experiences with ComfortMode and Sport Mode.
  • Improved clarity of NPC roles through map marker labels.
  • Optimized ADS view of stronghold deaths.
  • Introduced new video settings options which will reset to default after applying the update. Simply revisit Video Settings post-update to make any necessary changes.
  • Added new camp entertainment facilities and new @all chat function (may be used by camp management up to 3 times a day per person).
  • Adjusted the weekly roommate training event content and questions in the Good Chemistry quiz.
  • Increased the Astral Tower level cap to 81–100 and added a new tier: Pinnacle Warrior.

Homestead Updates

  • Homestead Level Cap: Max level raised to Level 13.
  • Vehicle Display: Put your beloved vehicles on display in your homestead garage.
  • Furniture Quantity: Increased allowance per homestead level by 50 items.
  • Balcony Decor: Furniture items can now be placed on balconies.
  • Enhanced Camera Controls: Optimized FreeCamera Mode controls.
  • Improved Layout: Optimized structure and furniture placement methods.
  • Homestead Blueprint: Blueprints not unlocked yet are now shown on top. Tap locked blueprints to learn how to acquire them.
  • Crop Trading: Farmland roses can now be listed in the Trading Post. Roommates may plant and harvest rare crops (crops from extreme weather and red roses) only in their homesteads.

That’s all about the Desert Fury update of the Undawn game.

We hope you find the Undawn controller support guide helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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