Valorant Mobile is reportedly in development as per the latest leaks

The action title might see a release sooner than expected!

Valorant Mobile is currently in its developmental stages as Riot Games is reportedly bringing its highly acclaimed first-person hero shooter to the mobile platform. According to earlier reports by IGN India, the upcoming mobile version is titled Valorant Mobile and is being developed for both Android and iOS devices. Leaks also suggest that Riot Games is also scouting the market sentiment at the moment to decide on the regions to release Valorant Mobile soon.

Strings of code and Mobile UI was discovered previously

In a previous article, it was reported that players of the popular first-person hero shooter discovered “strings of code and a mobile UI”, which convinced the lot to believe that a mobile version of Valorant was indeed in the works. The code included keywords like “mobile” and “range,” which was indicating the code for the mobile version. As of now, there’s nothing official yet.

Valorant mobile
Valorant mobile

Expect developers to port more flagship console titles to mobile

Ultimately, the sudden rise in mobile gaming in the past couple of years has convinced many video game developers (who usually release their games on console and PC) to develop and port mobile versions of some of their most successful titles. For most of them, it works out. A mobile version of Valorant will most likely be a huge success on the handheld platform when it finally launches on Android and iOS.

Riot games are yet to make an official announcement regardiñg the rumours and speculations about the Valorant Mobile game and we can guess that they’re probably saving the announcement for the forthcoming E3 2021 event.

Valorant Mobile possible release date

According to ‘PlayerIGN, a popular leaker of such news, Valorant Mobile might come to mobile sooner than expected. As he stated, the game will be most likely announced for mobile at E3 2021 which will be taking place in June. You can check the video below:

For many, the news doesn’t really come off as much of a surprise as they’ve seen a few strings of the Valorant Mobile tutorial that’s been leaked by data miners in the past while the touch controls bug and the mobile settings for Valorant were also leaked not long after.

What are your thoughts on the Valorant Mobile leaks that have surfaced recently? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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