Vampire Survivors brings the Laborratory update with new characters, weapons, and more

Studio Poncle never sleeps

Studio Poncle, known for its relentless innovation, has launched the Vampire Survivors Laborratory Update, a free yet extensive upgrade described as their first ‘AAAA‘ experience. Released during the Xbox/IGN showcase, this update is available today across multiple platforms including Xbox One, Xbox S/X, Steam, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

Vampire Survivors Laborratory Update introduces Santa Landonna

The Laborratory Update introduces players to the dark corridors of a corrupted science lab, where new challenges and surprises await. This upgrade not only adds a festive new character, Santa Ladonna, and the Santa Javelin weapon but also includes a revolutionary go-cart racing stage named Carlo Cart. Here, lizardmen host clandestine races in an abandoned underground railway station, adding a unique twist to the game’s dynamic.

Vampire Survivors Laborratory
Image via Poncle

With the addition of one character, one secret character, three new weapons, and two exciting stages, the update promises to elevate the gaming experience to new heights. Highlights of the update include fully rendered running animations, advanced train physics, and interactive environments with doors that now open.

Explore the New Stages and Weapons

The new stages, Laborratory and Carlo Cart, offer a fresh backdrop for the game’s action-packed gameplay. The Laborratory, once a pinnacle of weapons science, now hosts a myriad of evils, including a corrupted milk magician. The Carlo Cart stage brings an unexpected fun element with go-cart races against lizardmen, adding a racing component to the traditionally action-oriented game.

In addition to the stages, the update includes new weapons like the Seraphic Cry and Arma Dio, a new passive weapon, enriching the arsenal available to players. These additions are designed to complement the intense “be the bullet hell” gameplay that Vampire Survivors is renowned for.

For those eager to dive into these updates and unlock new achievements—there are seven new ones to claim—you can find detailed instructions and more information in Poncle’s Steam News Post.

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