Voodoo announced the Six Regional Winners of the Runner & Puzzle Competition

Studios around the world showed off their best Runner & Puzzle titles for a chance to win a top prize of $150,000!

Voodoo, the world’s number one mobile game publisher in terms of downloads, has announced the winners of its Runner & Puzzle competition, the largest in the company’s history. In this edition, six studios qualified for regional prizes based on their outstanding submissions. The competition, which launched in December last year, encouraged mobile developers of all sizes to submit prototypes in the Runner & Puzzle genre. Applicants who shared high-quality submissions had the opportunity to win large cash prizes and the chance to earn a publishing contract with Voodoo.

Headquartered in Paris since its launch in 2013, Voodoo’s extensive stable of games now includes over 100 mobile titles, retaining  more than 300 million monthly active users and 5 billion total downloads, making the French company #1 in terms of downloads in the worldwide gaming industry.

About Voodoo Runner & Puzzle competition

Voodoo’s publishing managers from around the world coached the studios in five different languages throughout the competition. With the increased support for an international audience, the competition saw the largest number of global applications to date. Now with over 335 employees worldwide, Voodoo wants to extend its support to an even greater number of studios in the future.

Voodoo Runner & Puzzle Competition Winners

With a high standard that once again exceeded expectations, Voodoo’s judges were greatly impressed by the degree of talent on show within the submissions. Here are the six regional winners announced by Voodoo, with the top four winners to be announced soon: 

  1. Open a, G-Kit (Japan)
  2. Grass Cut ASMR, NetMedia (China)
  3. Left Turn!, Sergii Nagin (America)
  4. Sling Birds 3D, Nazeer Ahmed (South Asia)
  5. Pusher 3D, 2 Star Games (Asia Pacific)
  6. Web Master, Dalak Games (Turkey)

The calibre of talent we continue to see in our competitions is inspiring, and greatly demonstrates the ceaseless creativity of international games developers. Through our competitions, we are proud to support the thriving hyper-casual games market,  allowing creative developers to turn their dreams into a reality.

Alexander Shea, Head of publishing at Voodoo

Applicants also benefited from Voodoo’s industry-leading testing platform, with insights that have led to chart-topping titles, alongside the expertise of its Publishing and Marketing teams. Voodoo offered two key prizes: a $150,000 bonus for any game consequently published and confirmed, and a regional prize of $20,000 for any new game tested with the lowest CPI and with a Day One retention of a minimum 30%.

What do you think about the Voodoo Runner & Puzzle Competition Winners? How do you think their prototypes will fare after publication? Do let us know in the comments below!

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