Warpath releases its 5.0 Update along with the Brothers Unite community tournament

It’s time to gear up and load out, as the calvary’s sounding a call that must be heeded!

Warpath, a free-to-play competitive RTS available on iOS and Android devices, recently received its eagerly anticipated version 5.0 update from Lilith Games. The Brothers Unite community tournament has also officially gone live along with the Warpath 5.0 update. The competition mixes solo and team divisions and offers a variety of playstyles the chance to win rewards from a prize pool that exceeds $20,000.

Warpath 5.0 Update brings exciting new features

A brand-new mechanism for upgrading Star Units is introduced in Warpath 5.0. Once a server has been operational for 180 days, the Prototype system is available. The newly added Modern Units can be leveled up by Commanders in this new upgrading system, opening up new unit kinds and battle mechanics.

The improved Tank Hunters and Main Battle Tanks, among other new unit types, include the Helicopter Unit and Medium and Heavy Tanks, respectively. In addition to the prototype system, the 5.0 update adds a first-person shooter mode that pits commanders against one another and heightens player immersion.

Warpath Developers gives a sneak peek into the 5.0 Update in New Devlog

Now that Warpath 5.0 has you on the ground, the Lilith Games generals showed up for a debriefing. Game designers Yang and Arlen and Lead Artist Tory provide information on the game’s new units, matchmaking, and game balancing in the Warpath Developer Face-to-Face devlog for Update 5.0. They describe how the real-time strategy game for iOS and Android devices is changed significantly by current combat.

Yang emphasized how important expanding players’ experience is to Lilith Games when it comes to Warpath, noting, “Continuing to provide new content and new game experiences is always one of our most important jobs.” he said.

Brothers Unite community tournament is officially live in Warpath

Lilith Games is excited to announce the commencement of the Warpath’s Brothers Unite competition along with the release of this new content. The Best Commander, The Best Band of Brothers, and The Luckiest Commander are the three tiers of this community-driven competition. Rankings for the Best Commander event are completely determined by a player’s power level grind, and it starts when they check in to the game.

Players must pre-register in teams of two for the Best Band of Brothers event. Teams will be evaluated based on the rise in their in-game power level relative to the power levels of both team members at the event’s beginning. Final rankings will be determined by how much each team’s power level has grown at the conclusion of the competition.

Warpath Brothers Unite the luckiest commander
Image via Lilith games

Finally, mission success determines who qualifies as The Luckiest Commander. By accomplishing specified missions that are active throughout the competition, players can acquire Medals during the event period. One raffle ticket for the Prize Drawing will be available to participants who earn five medals. Rewards can include money awards, current-generation gaming systems, figurines themed after the Warpath, and in-game money.

Are you excited about the Warpath 5.0 update and the Brothers Unite tournament? Let us know in the comments below!

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