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Nexon’s Project ER is being developed as ‘Wars of Prasia’ as a cross-platform MMORPG

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Over the past few years, cross-platform gaming has grown tremendously, and the market for these kinds of games has been thriving like never before. Nexon has been developing a brand-new MMORPG since last year, initially, it was called Project ER. Nexon was actively developing this new IP-based large-scale MMORPG which was going to be a cross-platform title. Now, Nexon has officially announced the name of the game as Wars of Prasia and this new game will be available for both PC and mobile platforms.

Wars of Prasia likely to have 24-hour siege battles as previously promoted by Nexon

Nexon CEO, Lee Jung-Heon made the official announcement of the new MMORPG title Wars of Prasia and also released a trailer video for the same. It is claimed that this new MMORPG contains the true meaning of war history and the record of humans who have limitlessly fought to escape the oppression of Elves in the Prasia Kingdom.

Wars of Prasia
Image via Nexon

As of what we know, ‘Wars of Prasia’ is a fantasy world MMORPG where players will fight to conquer a base that will be available for all. And after conquering a base, players will have to form a strong offensive and defensive strategies. Nexon has boasted 24-hour siege battles previously with Project ER and we hope it will continue with ‘Wars of Prasia’ as it will let gaming enthusiasts take part in large events in the most unique way.

Nexon has focused on the completeness of the story

Nexon Vice President, Kim Dae-Hwon said, “Since the beginning of production, we have been developing with the clear goal of making Siege, the core content of MMO, more fun and enjoyable for more users. We will do our best to come up with a game that meets expectations by paying special attention not only to the art but also to the completeness of the story.

Nexon released the teaser for Wars of Prasia on the same day, on the new official Youtube channel. The video showcases glimpses of the siege, which is taking place simultaneously. With ‘Wars of Prasia’, Nexon aims to bring the cross-platform gaming scene under one channel.  The teaser video displays some outstanding visuals with intricate details and amazing sound effects.

Nexon has not announced any information about the release date of Wars of Prasia yet, but it can be very soon. Users can stay updated about all the information by visiting the official website or by following the official social media handles.

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