Wild Rift Brand: Champion Overview, Ability analysis, and release date

Ready to set the world on fire? Heheheh..

During a search for one of the world’s legendary Runes, Kegan Rodhe betrayed his companions in a lust for power to gain the Rune for himself but to his demise, his soul burned away and his body became a vessel for the living flame now known as Brand, the Burning Vengeance. From roaming the lands of Valoran, Brand is now headed to Wild Rift ready to set his enemies ablaze in hot, burning vengeance.

Set to be released sometime in September, Brand is conventionally played in the mid lane or as a support, but he’s most likely going to find his home in the duo lane. Brand is an AP ranged champion who specializes in AOE damage and creating ability combos that deal massive damage. He comes with an interesting kit that includes stun, grievous wounds, and damage in large areas which comes especially handy in teamfights since he’s a prominent teamfight monster. As exciting as it is, Brand can also be tricky to play with since his passive plays a big role in magnifying the effect of all his abilities. Let’s get into the Burning Vengeance’s abilities.


Passive – Blaze

passive brand Wild Rift Brand

Using an ability or a basic attack sets his opponent Ablaze which inflicts grievous wounds on his enemies for 4 seconds. If an enemy is killed while they’re Ablaze, Brand regains mana which increases with each level. Additionally, his passive stacks for up to 3 times empowering subsequent abilities used against a target. Upon applying 3 stacks of Ablaze to enemy champions and large minions, the passive forms an area around the target that grants Sight within its radius and explodes after 2 seconds, consuming all stacks and dealing massive damage to the enemies within the radius.

Ability 1 – Sear

ability 1 brand

Brand launches a fireball towards the target that deals magic damage upon contact. If Brand’s passive is already triggered i.e. the target is already Ablaze, the opponents are rooted for 1.5 seconds.

Ability 2 – Pillar of Flame

ability 2 brand Wild Rift Brand

After a few seconds delay, Brand erupts the target area in a pillar of flames that deals magic damage to all units within the area including minions and monsters. Targets that Ablaze takes suffer from 25% additional damage.

Ability 3 – Conflagaration

ability 3 brand

Brand conjures a powerful blast that sets the target aflame dealing magic damage. The flame then spreads to nearby enemies from the target dealing damage to each enemy. If the target is Ablaze, Conflagration’s speed is doubled.

Ultimate – Pyroclasm

ultimate brand

Brand unleashes a devastating wave of fire that bounces up to 5 times off of Brand and nearby champions dealing magic damage to enemies each time it bounces. If Pyroclasm’s current target becomes invalid, it selects a new target for the remainder of its bounces. If there are no nearby targets, the fireball fizzles. Pyroclasm prioritizes stacking Blaze to max on champions bouncing to the same target more than once. Pyroclasm briefly slows the enemies if they are already Ablaze.

Skill Analysis and Champion Overview

Brand specializes in dealing AOE damage allowing him to clear minion waves faster and making him an absolute teamfight monster. His kit works especially well if the enemy champions are in close proximity to each other allowing him to deal massive damage. Brand’s kit comes with a lot of potentials to turn the tide of the game and set the battle on fire. Brand can keep the battlefield hot by coming up with an exciting and unique combination of abilities making him a valuable member of the team.

Brand’s passive Blaze gives him some insane outplay potential primarily because it can help secure the kill even if his targets are no longer in his range. His 2nd ability Pillar of Flame used in a combo with his 3rd ability Conflagration paired together with his ultimate can allow him and his team to secure some easy kills. Using basic attacks with his 1st ability Sear also grants him CC allowing him to stun his enemies with his passive.

brand in wild rift gameplay
Brand in the Wild Rift battlefield

For maximum AOE damage, using Sear to stun the enemy champions and then using Conflagration to burn his opponents followed by Pillar of Flame will ensure maximum AOE damage. His ult Pyroglasm can then be used to secure the kill. Since most of his abilities deal AOE damage, Brand’s abilities allow him to carry the mid to late stages of the game. Brand is a particularly deadly matchup against champions who have a high healing kit like Dr. Mundo, Soraka, Ahri, or champions that are relatively slippery than others like Tryndamere or Fizz.

Brand’s ability to nuke and set his opponents aflame is sure to make Brand a strong pick for the team. He is sure to be on fire with his exciting gameplay mechanics and abilities.

Brand release date in Wild Rift

Brand is set to be released in September, though no precise date has been mentioned yet. It wouldn’t be long before Brand hits the Wild Rift map as Riot has been releasing champions quite frequently now.

That’s all for today’s overview guide about Brand in Wild Rift. Are you excited about the arrival of Brand in Wild Rift? Let us know in the comment section below!

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