Wild Rift Nunu and Willump: Champion Overview, Ability analysis, and release date

Don't make the yeti angry. You won't like him when he's angry!

Coming soon from the Freljord straight to Wild Rift itself, we have a new upcoming champion, Nunu and Willump. Set to be released sometime in September, the little boy and his friendly, magical yeti Willump are about to wreak snowball throwing havoc in Wild Rift. The champion is typically played in the jungle and has some of the highest clear speed and jungle execution. Nunu is an AP tank jungler with abilities that include movement speed, healing, slowing, and rooting his opponents.

Additionally, he can also increase the movement and attack speed of his allies making him a strong pick for the team. He is a teamfight initiator and being a tank, he can take a ton of damage while being able to heal himself at the same time. He has a unique set of abilities perfectly built to fight monsters of the jungle along with helping his allies in their lanes due to his high mobility. Bound together by a shared love for snowballs, let’s take a look into the snowball throwing champion’s abilities. 


Passive – Call of the Freljord

Damaging nearby structures, monsters, and enemy champions increase Willump’s and a nearby ally’s movement and attack speed for 4 seconds. This passive prioritizes the ally with the highest attack speed. When triggered, Nunu and Willump’s basic attacks deal 30% damage to nearby enemies or monsters as well, which scales really well into the late game. 

Ability 1 – Consume

skill 1 Wild Rift Nunu Willump

Willump takes a bite of monsters or minions dealing true damage and healing himself in the process. He can also take a bite out of enemy champions dealing magic damage. The heal is increased by 50% if the Nunu and Willump are low on health.

Ability 2 – Biggest Snowball Ever!

skill 2

Nunu and Willump start rolling a snowball that grows in size and speed. When the snowball collides with a monster, minion, or enemy champion, it damages and knocks up the opponents. Willump can also steer the snowball with a slow turn rate that increases over time resetting upon changing direction.

Upon recasting, Willump releases the snowball, sending it rolling forward into his enemies which will not grow larger and will explode upon contact. This ability basically acts as a second Smite making it the core ability of our furry jungler.

Ability 3 – Snowball barrage Ability 3

skill 3 nunu

Nunu rapidly flings a volley of up to 3 snowballs at each target around him damaging and then marking them as Snowbound. When the ability ends, all Snowbound enemies around Nunu and Willump are rooted. If all 3 snowballs hit the target, they are also slowed for 1 second.

Ultimate – Absolute Zero

ultimate nunu Wild Rift Nunu Willump

Nunu and Willump sap the heat from the area around them for 3 seconds, gaining shield and then slowing the enemies by 0% to 95% depending on the channel time. At the end of the ultimate, Absolute Zero massively damages those still in the area around them. This ability can be canceled early but the damage will be significantly less since the damage is increased the longer the ability is channeled.

Skill Analysis and Champion Overview

The abilities of this champion are excitingly unique particularly the 2nd ability Biggest Snowball Ever! since it deals massive damage to both jungle monsters and enemy champions alike. The multi-dimensional champion is capable of clearing jungle camps with impressive speed allowing him more time to help his allies in their lanes. His tankiness allows him to take damage along with healing himself from his 1st ability Consume giving him more survivability during teamfights.

Wild Rift Nunu Willump
Nunu and Willump in the Wild Rift battlefield

Nunu and Willump can keep their enemies on ice by combining their Ultimate with Snowball Barrage. After a volley of snowballs triggering Snowbound, switch the channeling the Ult Absolute Zero for maximum impact and easy secure on kills. Nunu and Willump’s 2nd ability Biggest Snowball Ever is great for ganking lanes but it’s also crucial for clearing jungle camps since this ability can deal damage to multiple enemies or monsters at a time.

Nunu and Willump have a lot of heavy CC in their kit making them one of the best junglers for teamfights. They scale incredibly well mid to late game since their abilities are mostly AOE abilities. When you’re ready to gank, roll down the Biggest Snowball Ever then unleash the frosty monster’s Snowball Barrage, locking them down with Snowbound and chilling them out with Absolute Zero. Nunu and Willump’s icy artillery is set to make their opponents regret bringing a knife to a Yeti fight. There’s “snow” way they can get out of this chilling fix! 

Nunu and Willump release date in Wild Rift

Nunu and Willump are set to be released in September, though no precise date has been mentioned yet. It wouldn’t be long before Nunu and Willump hits the Wild Rift map as Riot have been releasing champions quite frequently now.

That’s all for today’s overview guide about Nunu and Willump in Wild Rift. Are you excited about the arrival of Nunu and Willump in Wild Rift? Let us know in the comment section below!

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