Wild Rift: Cheats and Hacks will lead to a permanent account ban, confirmed by Riot Games

Riot Games issues a strong statement to the cheaters!

Riot Games has recently stated that “Cheaters have no place in Wild Rift”, which means that no unfair means or hacks can be used in League of Legends: Wild Rift anymore. Such experience is intolerable in Wild Rift which has been around in its PC version as well. Riot Games usually do everything to fix this problem, even if it includes banning players.

Thankfully, it is about time that the developers address these things made to ruin the game. With Wild Rift still only in its 5th month, some issues are still imminent. These issues include stuff like latency, matchmaking. This article will talk about the measures taken by League of Legends: Wild Rift about the cheats and hacks.

Cheats and Hacks in Wild Rift

Different degrees of cheats

Cheats and hacks have been around the gaming community for a very long time, and these tricks and unfair means are only made for one reason, to defy the rules and in other words, ruin games. Using them has been generally viewed as a serious negative action and grave misconduct by the community. Quite unfortunately, it has even reached Wild Rift. There might be chances that even you have experienced it, but without any idea. Cheaters are all over the game, starting from low ranks to the highest ranks.

Wild Rift Aimbots and Mods are also prohibited

We can take note that there are a variety of cheats and there can be degrees on how strongly, they affect the game. These range from mods that can break the game’s shop, making everything free to aimbots which hit skill-shots for you to maphacks. These completely remove the Fog of War to scripts that automatically dodge and play the game for you.

Steps taken by Riot Games

No matter the degree, one thing is for certain, cheating is illegal and the developers have sent a message to the Wild Rift community which simply says, “If you are found to be cheating in Wild Rift, you will be permanently banned from the game.” However, the developers themselves have stated that fixing this issue will not be easy and will be a “constant tug-of-war”. Despite that, they are doing everything they can to address cheats, punishing the people that use them and the people who make them.

Additionally, they have said that they won’t be revealing too much information about it in order to not provide much information on how they take their actions. This is what Riot Games has stated, regarding the issue of cheating and hacks issues in League of Legends: Wild Rift so far. In cases of any issues regarding the game that you want to be addressed, you could contact Riot Games by submitting a ticket to their support team through this link.

What do you think about the actions which Riot Games has decided to take to stop cheating and hacks in League of Legends: Wild Rift? Do let us know in the comments below!

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