Wild Rift to have improved matchmaking in the coming months

A better and fairer matchmaking system is in the making!

Playing League of Legends: Wild Rift can be bothersome from time to time, this includes lags, cheaters ruining games, and of course matchmaking. Thankfully, Riot Games are very considerate of its community and has a pledge on listening to it. Recently Riot Games has spoken about fixing these things as much as they can and showed transparency on their development. Especially with Wild Rift being on its 5th-month run, players seem to be asking for more. In this article, you will see how Riot Games want and plan on fixing the issues related to Wild Rift matchmaking.

Matchmaking in Wild Rift

For those who don’t know, matchmaking refers to the process of matching players together and this usually involves stuff like MMR (Matchmaking Rating), which are numbers that determine what players should be matched together. Despite having such a system inside the game, players seemed to not like the idea of having players two or even three ranks lower than them and thinks that it is unfair.

Wild Rift matchmaking

Generally, MMR is fair since numbers can easily be compared with each other, but according to Riot Games themselves, the system isn’t really at the peak condition, and their number one priority at the moment is to address these kind of issues. So, they have given a few of their plans.

Matchmaking Plans

According to Riot Games, here are some of their ideas to keep matchmaking healthy inside the game:

  1. Ensure that both the skill level between and within teams is even, so matches are fair
  2. Keep matchmaking times short, so you can get into the game quickly
  3. Create matches with people close to you, so you can communicate more easily and expect lower latency
  4. (In progress) Give you more choice over your position in-game, so you can play the positions you’re comfortable with, or try something new

Though the developers have also stated that these are just the simpler versions and there are still many factors that should be included such as time of day and queue population, and any change on these factors can lead to huge changes, so it is important for them to work deliberately and carefully. Also, they have said that they are also addressing the long queues that are much experienced in high-ranked players.

That is all stated by Riot Games regarding the Wild Rift matchmaking so far. We wish you enjoyed the article. Remember, when you have personal problems and issues regarding the game that you want to be addressed, you can contact Riot Games by submitting a ticket to their support team here.

What do you think about the plans Riot proposed to have an improved matchmaking system in League of Legends: Wild Rift? Do let us know in the comments below!

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