Wild Rift Path of Ascension Event: Here’s how to unlock one champion for free

Diana, Pantheon and Leona is up for grabs!

After the newest Patch 2.1 has been released yesterday, the long-awaited Path Of Ascension event has arrived on the League of Legends: Wild Rift servers today. This event finally serves as a curtain-raiser for the Three Targonian Champions Leona, Diana, and Pantheon. The event has started on March 16th, 2021, and will proceed till March 21st, 2021, giving the players enough time to complete the overall 7 missions and unlock the favored champion.

Wild Rift Path of Ascension Event: What is in store for the players?

In the beginning, the player has to choose one of the three paths to get either the Aspect of the Sun (Leona), Aspect of the Moon (Diana), or Aspect of War (Pantheon) for free. During completing the task the player will receive normal event rewards like Blue Motes or Poro Coins (as seen in the previous event Lux’s Trial). Additionally, a unique emote and a special profile icon is rewarded. This is based on the champion whose path is chosen as a final reward.

Wild Rift Path of Ascension
Diana, Pantheon and Leona

If you’re interested in more than one Targonian, you can get the other two champions from the champion store. This can be done by purchasing them for the normal price of 5,500 Blue motes or 725 Wild Cores.

But that is not all! With the release of the three new champions, each of them got also one skin to accompany them. Both Dark Valkyrie Diana and Full Metal Pantheon are sold for 725 Wild Cores while Barbecue Leona being the cheapest with 525 Wild Cores. Unfortunately, there is no bundle for skins and champions currently. If these skins are not what you are looking for, do not be disappointed. Since the opening scene for Wild Rift and the sound has been updated for the new event and release, you can get a sneak peek at the upcoming skins for the new champions.

 What are your thoughts on the upcoming Wild Rift ‘Path of Ascension’ Event? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!

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