Wild Rift Star Guardian Event 2022: Weekly Star Map Overview, How to earn Star Candy and Rewards

The popular League PC event is coming to mobile devices!

From studying hard to get good grades in high school to battling cosmic enemies threatening the Universe, younger warriors are chosen by fate to protect the light of the stars. They are destined to burn bright but collapse as furiously as they shine. The Star Guardian is here to save the day, with the event, which started on the 15th of July, 2022 in Wild Rift.

During the period of the next 26 days, players can join Xayah and her squad in the battle to redeem Rakan. They can complete missions, level up Familiars, and discover a story of love and redemption. Therefore, they must make sure to complete all missions of the event to get all familiars and rewards.

Wild Rift Star Guardian Event 2022: Dates

Wild Rift Star Guardian Event 2022 page
Image via Riot Games

School might be out for summer, but the Star Guardians will still be battling the forces of chaos over the following dates:

  • Start: 15th of July, 2022 at 00:00 UTC
  • End: 11th of August, 2022 at 23:59 UTC

Although the Star Guardian event started on July 15, each week of the event will also bring new content.

Star Guardian Event 2022: The Star Map

Node SymbolWhat it means

Dialogue nodes give the first-row seats to the Star Guardian story. Players will witness interactions between key characters and follow their progress as the plot unfolds.
They should not worry if something is missed, as they can always revisit a dialogue node at a later time.
Prepare for combat! These nodes pit players against creatures of chaos, who can only be damaged by your familiars’ Guardian Power, which would be revealed later!. 
Any damage inflicted on a chaos monster will remain even if someone leaves the node, so players can chip away at them bit by bit. Unlike other nodes, these ones can only be completed one time! Once players have defeated any given node’s chaos monster, you won’t be able to visit it again.
Comics provide a deeper look into the story of the Star Guardians through beautifully illustrated panels. Three comics are available when the event starts, with a new issue hitting the shelves (*ahem* Star Map) two weeks later and the final installment arriving a week after that. Much like dialogue nodes, comics can be visited time and time again. Unlike dialogue nodes, comics will be available to everybody at their predesignated release times regardless of your position on the Star Map.

Players must make sure to give them at least one read, since visiting each comic will earn you precious Star Candies to feed and level your familiars! Only certain nodes are available for completion at any given time, which they can explore week-by-week below!

Wild Rift Star Guardian Event 2022: Weekly Star Map Overview

In case one is curious about what adventure awaits or simply wants to see their potential rewards, we have covered it all. Below are detailed notes for a node-by-node breakdown of what awaits players on the Star Map. Black marks a dialogue node, while red means you should be prepared for combat!

Players must keep a note that each new week simply adds more nodes. Therefore, they must not worry if they’re lagging behind, your available baddies and convos aren’t going anywhere.

Week 1 (Starting from July 15, 2022)

1-1Shining Star Spawn Tag (temporary, will be removed from inventory when the event ends)
1-2Star Guardian Icon
1-325 Blue Motes
1-4500 Blue Motes
1-525 Blue Motes
1-6300 Poro Energy
1-725 Blue Motes
1-8Sweet Surrender Bauble
1-925 Blue Motes
1-10500 Blue Motes
1-1125 Blue Motes
Unlock Ahri (Kiko) and Miss Fortune (Boki & Baki) as options for your active party

Week 2 (Unlocks 22nd of July at 00:00 UTC)

2-1300 Poro Energy
2-225 Blue Motes
2-3500 Blue Motes
2-425 Blue Motes
2-5Lovestruck Emote
2-625 Blue Motes
2-7500 Blue Motes
2-825 Blue Motes
2-9Skin Pose Selection Chest*
2-1025 Blue Motes

Poses to be chosen

  • Star Guardian Ahri Pose
  • Star Guardian Rakan Pose
  • Star Guardian Xayah Pose
  • Star Guardian Miss Fortune Pose
  • Star Guardian Orianna Pose
  • Star Guardian Senna Pose
  • Star Guardian Seraphine Pose

Week 3 (Unlocks 29th of July @ 00:00 UTC)

3-1300 Poro Energy
3-225 Blue Motes
3-3OTP Emote
3-425 Blue Motes
3-5300 Poro Energy
3-625 Blue Motes
3-7300 Poro Energy
3-850 Blue Motes
3-9Galactic Guardian Icon Border
3-10100 Blue Motes Unlock Rakan (Riku) as an option for your active party
3-11Repeatable Combat Missions

Repeatable Combat Missions

If players are looking to really stick it to the forces of Chaos, they must take a shot at our repeatable combat rewards. Seven missions unlock upon completing nodes 3-10, and another 7 will pop up on 8/5 at 00:00 UTC for true overachievers. Each one will get you a cool 250 Poro Energy.

With the information already revealed about the Star Map, it is time they learnt about how they will choose which friends will accompany them along the way!

How to earn Star Candy in the Wild Rift Star Guardian Event

Star Candies are a very important part of this event, feeding them to the familiars will boost their generating potential GP, which will, in turn, makes it easier to defeat chaos monsters and earn all the awesome rewards available by traversing the Star Map. Players can earn Star Candies very easily by playing some ranked games or playing PVP matches or by reading a few comics.

Wild Rift Star Guardian Event 2022: Rewards

Star Candy Mission Rewards

By playing a match, either it is a win or lose each match of Wild Rift will give you some Star Candies.

ObjectiveStar Candies
Complete a Normal or Ranked Match10
Complete an ARAM match7
Complete a Co-op Vs. AI match5

Comic Rewards

Over time, some special comic nodes will appear on Star Map. Tapping on them will open a website where players will learn even more about Star Guardians and get a bunch of Star Candies at the same time, which is cool.

VolumeUnlock DateStar Candies
115th of July, 202210
215th of July, 202210
315th of July, 202210
429th of July, 202250
58th of August, 2022100

Familiar Max Level Rewards

Wild Rift Star Guardian Event 2022 rewards
Image via Riot Games

You can also get an icon that you can put up in your profile by raising a particular familiar to level 5. Also, you can even earn a permanent spawn tag by maxing out all of the familiars.

What are your thoughts on the Wild Rift Star Guardian Event 2022? Let us know in the comment section below!

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