League of Legends: Wild Rift to celebrate its server expansion through The Battle of Baron Livestream

Gather forces to take down Baron Nashor on this group battle

Riot has unveiled today what was teasing the other day with its poster about Baron Nashor. This Thursday (December 10th), to celebrate the launch of the League of Legends: Wild Rift Open Beta on Vietnam, Oceania, Taiwan, Europe, Turkey, Russia and CIS, Middle East, and North Africa, there will be a Livestream on YouTube to fight everyone’s favorite ancient, Void-born, acid-spitting, river monster titled as The Battle of Baron.

The Battle of Baron Livestream details

The Wild Rift Battle of Baron event will go down as follows: Starting at 2 AM (Pacific Time) on December 10th, 2020, a Livestream will open to let viewers fight. The flow of the battle will be decided by the Livestream chat, where you, the viewer, will cast Summoner Spells, attack, and do other actions that are yet to be discovered.

wild rift battle of baron
Typing 1 will generate a command to cast SMITE, but you will need friends to be able to take down the monster.

But if you think it will be just pressing the same key over and over, take another guess. There will be empowered commands that will be especially effective if cast within its time window. So, everyone will have to pay attention and work as one so victory comes. As Riot says: The only way to triumph is to band together and fight Baron as one.

Empowered smite and its Golden circle showing the remaining time to cast

But wait, there is more! Riot says that players will be able to get help from some Champions. Those will be summoned to the field of war by typing 5 when available.

Kai’Sa comes from the void to destroy Baron (although he is also from the void)

Upon defeating Baron, players will be rewarded with unique Emoji and Icon, as well as immortalizing the name of the 25000 first players to join the stream on the ending credits.

wild rift battle of baron
Baron Icon and Emoji so you show those new players who is the oldest Legend in town.

What do you think about the Wild Rift The Battle of Baron Livestream? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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