XD Inc. China’s largest Indie game distributor has set eyes on the global market

A new competitor for Google?

Most avid mobile gamers would probably have used or at least heard of TapTap, the game distributor for Android devices. The game store of XD Inc. has now support from ByteDance Ltd, known for working on TikTok and Alibaba Group Holdings, the popular e-commerce company that has put some work into the store on the global end. However, it looks like at this point, XD Inc. is putting even more focus into the global gaming market would mean more profit as reported by Bloomberg.

China has started to crack down on video games, with a State-run media outlet, even calling online video games spiritual opium. Now, these recent events have caused a bunch of issues for the video game industry in China, to say the least. Gaming giants like Tencent Games have been hit hard and it is not surprising that XD Inc has sustained losses at their home grounds, but done pretty well on the global front.

Changing how mobile gaming distribution works

This could very well be the push the people making the decisions for something like TapTap need to enter the global arena and seriously change how players download mobile games and how developers publish them. Mr. Huang Yimeng, the founder of XD Inc. has himself had taken jabs at Google, which is currently dominating the global gaming market scene.

We’ll push more developers to leverage Android distribution channels other than Google Play where they can take 100% of sales.

Mr. Huang Yimeng, Founder of xd inc.

TapTap’s business strategy is completely different from the Play Store and the App Store where developers often have to deal with the monopolies these game distributors have. They generally lose a large number of their earnings in the name of commissions they have to give to Google/Apple. TapTap works differently, however, working with a model similar to that of Epic Games where they use the exposure from other games featured on their stores to direct traffic to their own games.

At the end of the day, all of this basically means that something like TapTap with backing from a lot of big names can definitely break through and challenge the current dominators.

What are your thoughts on XD Inc venturing into the global market? Let us know in the comment section below!

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