xTactics – turn-based strategy gets a soft launch on Android

Master your tactics with xTactics!

xTactics – turn-based strategy is a new strategy title brought to you by Saber Interactive Inc. The game is now available as a soft launch for players and fans on Android.

xTactics aims to deliver a cyberpunk-themed tactical RPG experience

xTactics – turn-based strategy is catching the highlights due to its cyberpunk-themed tactical RPG-inspired gameplay. The game features futuristic weapons and characters which resemble the ones from the universe of cyberpunk. The game allows the players and fans to hone their strategic skills by forming a team based on characters with different skill sets. Players can experiment with team compositions to utilize the full potential of each and every character in a bid to gain an advantage and emerge victorious over the enemies in this immersive strategy RPG.

xTactics - turn-based strategy soft launch, xTactics - turn-based strategy
Image via Saber Interactive Inc

The game is a turn-based title and makes full use of character classes and in-game abilities to give options to the players to play around and have their own squad based on the gameplay. The factor that differentiates the game from other turn-based titles is definitely the pace at which the gameplay works, the gameplay is claimed to be based on quick battle mechanics which allows the game to deliver an engaging strategy experience.

The game will feature different uniquely developed maps with each having its own interactive environment including dynamic environments and a diverse cast of heroes to turn the mobile devices into an intense strategic battlefield. The game banks on providing, captivating cyberpunk settings with visuals and character models inspired by the hit gaming title. Players in the game take the helm and assume the position of a commander whose responsibility is to guide the team consisting of characters chosen by players toward triumph in a technological, dystopian future.

xTactics - turn-based strategy soft launch, xTactics - turn-based strategy
Image via Saber Interactive Inc

The game, xTactics – a turn-based strategy is now available as a soft launch on Android and players can access the same via Google Play. As of now, no information is available regarding the release of the game for iOS devices as well as the full release of the game. For the same, keep an eye on the updates from the developers.

What are your thoughts on xTactics – a turn-based strategy being made available as a soft launch on Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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