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Yeager: Hunter Legend is IGG’s upcoming monster hunter title now available as an open beta in Canada

Hunt mysterious creatures in the alien world of Planet Ekors!

Yeager: Hunter Legend is an RPG mobile action game developed by IGG.COM. The game features a vast world for players to go on monster hunting sprees while using their diverse weapon options either alone or with online friends in the game. The open beta version of Yeager: Hunter Legend has finally been released on July 13, 2022, in Canada on Android devices and more regions will be added soon to the list.

Hunt dangerous beasts with different weapons in the mysterious world of Planet Ekors

Planet Ekor is a mysterious world of deadly creatures and dark secrets where the players will be given the role of Yeager. Yeager is an elite Vyderan hunter, sent into an alien world to retrieve a priceless stolen relic.

There are five different weapon classes in the game namely Hunting Sword, Force Hammer, Fury Blades, Flux Blaster, and Eidolon Spear from which players can choose. Each of these classes has a unique signature move. Players can learn these moves to defeat fearsome creatures by fighting them up close and using various combo moves.

They can also use their Kallar Arts, which is the powerful essence of the Vyderan ancestors. Players can fight different beasts to retrieve materials rich in Kallar which helps them upgrade their weapons or forge new ones. The new weapons forged by using the Kallar will gain the appearance and the abilities of the Beast it was attained from.

Unlock new hunting skills and navigate through vast lands and forests in Yeager: Hunter Legend

Yeager: Hunter Legend Open Beta
Image via IGG.COM

Players can discover mysterious ancient seals which are infused with Kallar and have the rich hunting experience of the Vyderan ancestors in them. They can also install sigils on their Kallar Arm to gain legendary hunting prowess and to also boost their physical strength.

Apart from this, players can also roam through vast forests and winding canyons. Here they will come across dangerous beasts of Yeagar with each of them having unique combat abilities. These beats can only be defeated using creative movesets and strategies used by the players. The game boasts several features like world exploration, good quality graphics, different modes to play in, and much more.

Interested players from Canada can download the game from the Google Play Store. Players who are not from the region but want to try out the game can download it from their official discord server. This is the beta version of the game with no current updates about its official release. It is also just available on Android devices for now with no updates about the release on iOS devices. Follow the game’s official Facebook page for more updates.

Are you excited as Yeager: Hunter Legend is now available as open beta in Canada? Let us know in the comments below!

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