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Zenless Zen Zero cracked version has caused controversy in the community

Is cracking a game even legal?

Zenless Zen Zero is an upcoming free-to-play action RPG. Hoyoverse is developing the game as a follow-up to Genshin Impact. The first public test of the game rolled on last week. The Tuning Test of the game has picked up a lot of praise around the gaming community. Most people who tried out the test gave positive reviews about it. However, within a few days of the public test, hackers involved the game in a controversy. Within a few days of the public test, hackers have successfully cracked Zenless Zen Zero, which features the single-player mode.

Hackers have claimed, that the game files can be “easily accessed by anyone,”

Several videos of the cracked version of the game have been circulating online. The videos showed a cracked version of the game in which players can try out the tutorial part, choose different characters, and fight some enemies. 

HoYoverse Zenless Zone Zero closed beta
Image via miHoYo

In reply to the ongoing controversy, one of the hackers claimed that the crack versions are just local files that anyone can easily access. He also claimed that the cracked version does not include any mission, progression, or other game elements. With the crack version, players can only experience Zenless Zen Zero’s tutorial and its combat system. 

Many people questioned the legality of the cracked version

Although, the videos related to the cracked version of the game were removed from social media platforms. The cracked client is still circulating all over the internet. This matter has seen a very mixed reaction from the gaming community.

HoYoverse Zenless Zone Zero closed beta, Zenless Zone Zero tuning test
Image via miHoYo

Most fans who were waiting for the game got furious on the internet over the issue. Many questioned the version’s legality and asked Hoyoverse to take legal action against the hackers. But that is still very uncertain as we did not get any statement from the developers about this issue. The hackers could still not be identified. 

What are your thoughts about the cracked version of Zenless Zen Zero? Let us know in the comments below!

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