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ZoldOut is set to get a global release for PC and Mobile on January 26

A deck-building turn-based RPG

The semi-turn-based tactical RPG gaming title, ZoldOut, developed by C4Cat Entertainment Limited is gearing up toward a global release of the game for PC and Mobile platforms. The game is reportedly set to release on the official global servers for the game on January 26.

ZoldOut Global will offer engaging strategic gameplay

The game will be a steampunk-themed SRPG, where players will be given access to multiple battle units, with each offering multiple benefits and each favoring different sorts of gameplay tactics. The game also offers deep customization options, well diverse enough for players to make sure that their character stands out in a crowd of different players.

When talking about the gameplay the game offers, the core gameplay revolves around the use of action points and cards. Each character has 12 action points that can be spent to perform actions in battle. These battle points have the power to change the outcome of the battle all alone, players can conserve these points, or can use all the points at once dealing heavy damage to the opposition team, the choice stands with the players.

Zoldout global release PC Mobile, Zoldout
Image via C4Cat Entertainment Limited

Players can access a wide variety of weapon cards with unique powers, and use these cards to craft their own decks. The game also offers the chance for the players to access a variety of different weapon cards in the game, which can be used to add extra points to the damage of the units having those weapon cards equipped. Players will also be allowed to forge two different weapon cards to form a unique card altogether. This adds a unique touch to the game which will only let the creative side of the players go loose.

The game will also have unique bosses at every level, ranging from medium to hard difficulty levels, the bosses are also developed on a progressive level, as players will level up, the same will be done by the bosses in the game.

Players will need to think strategically and adjust their tactics and teams to the characteristics of each boss in order to emerge victorious. The game all in all will offer a very engaging and unique strategic experience for the players to experience.

Interested fans of the game can pre-register for the game for their respective platforms via Google Play, Apple Stores, and the official Steam Stores

What are your thoughts on Zoldout being made available for a global release on PC and Mobile? Let us know in the comments below.

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