ZOZ: Final Hour beta set to release in more regions for both Android and iOS devices

The game will be playable in Bolivia, Colombia, Malaysia, Mexico, and Peru!

Since January 12, more players will be able to play in ZOZ: Final Hour than ever before, as the beta version of the game, will release in more regions, NetEase Games announces. In ZOZ: Final Hour, a third-person shooter with a unique setting, players must complete tasks to survive in a city overrun by zombies called San Yagar. Players must always be on the lookout for zombie hordes roaming the streets and other players who might decide to turn on them at the last second to grab the victory.

Take on the role of Mercs and experience a realistic post-apocalyptic world in ZOZ: Final Hour

Players in ZOZ: Final Hour assume the role of Mercs, troops entrusted with exploring San Yagar and retrieving a material known as Blood Crystals. These crystals may hold the secret to putting an end to the threat of the undead. Players must utilize their weapons and special abilities to outnumber the numerous zombies swarming the streets of San Yagar.

ZOZ: Final Hour release
Image via NetEase Games

Players can betray one another and claim the spoils of victory for themselves. However, this comes with danger because deceased players resurrect as Zombie Mercs with their special powers. It’s not just the zombies who pose a threat. The Zombie Mercs mechanism allows players to exact revenge on teammates who betrayed them. Thus, the game doesn’t stop when a player is eliminated.

The game will release in more regions with enhanced graphics and gameplay

After a successful launch in Brazil, Indonesia, and Singapore for ZOZ: Final Hour, the game’s development moved to the next phase. Beginning on January 12, players in Bolivia, Colombia, Malaysia, Mexico, and Peru will be able to participate in the game.

They will join gamers in Brazil, Indonesia, and Singapore. ZOZ: Final Hour will also be available on iOS devices. Players will have the opportunity to showcase their abilities on the battlefield in front of a larger audience than before.

The latest move of ZOZ: Final Hour is more than just a player base increase. The gameplay and graphics have both been enhanced in the game. To shake up the gameplay and provide players access to their potent special powers at different stages in the game, the Merc combat experience and development routes have been adjusted. With a stronger emphasis on quickening the speed of each game and making things more thrilling for players, the goals in each mission have also been clarified.

The response to ZOZ: Final Hour during the first beta test was tremendously good. NetEase invites even more players to take part in the game during the second beta test. Players who walk to the streets of San Yagar during the second beta test will have the opportunity to influence the final version of ZOZ: Final Hour, which is still in active production.

Are you excited as ZOZ: Final Hour is set to release its beta in selected new regions? Let us know in the comment section below!

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