Zynga celebrates Valentine’s Day 2023 with special events across its several titles

Celebrate Valentine's Day with these amazing events!

A lovely lineup of Valentine’s Day 2023 events across its portfolio of games was unveiled today by Zynga Inc., a wholly-owned publishing label of Take-Two Interactive and a world leader in interactive entertainment. These events would make even Cupid swoon.

With themed challenges, unique bundles and updates, and rewards from a variety of top games, players are in for a box of sweets and delights. The following Valentine’s Day activities invite players to rejoice and bond with their loved ones. Keep in mind that all you need is loveband games!

Zynga Valentine’s Day 2023: Events

Dragon City: Arc of Angels + Special Divine Pass ( February 13 – February 23)

This Valentine’s Day, join the Arc of Angels in Dragon City! Play the four enjoyable island minigames Maze, Runner, Puzzle, and Grid to earn special collectibles and a brand-new, potent mythological dragon! Guardian Angel, Cupid, Seraphim, and 4eva are brand-new dragons that are only available during this event.

Zynga Valentine's Day 2023
Image via Zynga

Additionally, starting on February 23, players can obtain their own Divine Pass, which features The High Ascended Supreme Dragon, one of Dragon City’s fiercest creatures. The first Heroic Ascended dragon has been made available to Divine Pass holders, along with an exclusive Elite dragon skin for those who choose the Elite Divine Pass. And if players succeed, their new dragon will receive a unique Heroic skin!

Empires & Puzzles: Season of Love (February 14 – February 28)

Puzzles V-day 23
Image via Zynga

Empires & Puzzles now include romantic themes! The Season of Love, a brand-new in-game event for players to enjoy, will be announced by a charming flock of cupids that they can earn flying their way. These uncommon, epic, and legendary heroes will show up on February 14 and spread love throughout the entire month!

FarmVille 2:  Love for the Animals (January 31 – February 20)

Fsrmville 2
Image via Zynga

All the couples in FarmVille are preparing for a pleasant getaway as Valentine’s Day approaches! However, someone must care for the helpless animals. Being the hero that he is, Percy has once more saved the day, and this time Sally will be working alongside him as they spend Valentine’s Day caring for the animals at the Love Resort. However, they will require assistance because managing that many animals are not simple. Win the Mini Black Boer Goat by assisting them in hosting a successful Love Resort!

FarmVille 2: Country Escape: A Lovely Valentine (February 1- February 19)

The people of FarmVille have decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the most romantic location imaginable to express their love for one another and their delectable farm treats! Spend some time in the lovely Love Garden falling in love, then complete the phases of the event to receive special goodies (and adoring looks!) in the Ship of Hearts.

Zynga Valentine's Day 2023
Image via Zynga

Additionally, if players complete the challenge, they’ll win a fantastic farm hand that will assist them for 30 days. If reports are accurate, Cupid will make a surprise appearance!

FarmVille 3: Marie’s Valentine’s Day Photo Booth & Pauly’s Cupid Crush (February)

Marie is planning a picture shoot with holiday-themed masks, accessories, and more for Valentine’s Day! Put your best face forward and assist Marie in gathering enough film to keep the cameras rolling! Pauly, meantime, has a crush on someone at the farm, and he can hardly contain his flushing whenever his crush is around.

Zynga Valentine's Day 2023
Image via Zynga

He is erecting a Sweetheart Tree so that everyone on the farm can write messages for the people they love. It’s the ideal method to express love and rejoice in the community. See if Pauly would reveal his hidden crush if players help him!

Golf Rival: Rose Tournament and Bow Arrow Challenge (February 10-13 and February 11-15)

At the brand-new, enchanting Sakura Golf Course, Golf Rival is commemorating Valentine’s Day and the arrival of spring! For the solo Rose Tournament (Feb. 10–13) and the player–versus–player Bow Arrow Challenge, blooming Sakura trees and a variety of flowers create a beautiful golf course atmosphere (Feb. 11-15).

Golf Rival
Image via Zynga

The golf courses are decorated attractively to evoke a sense of rebirth and development on Valentine’s Day, and the Bow Arrow Challenge gives competitors the chance to win a Legendary Diamond Chest!

Merge Dragons!: My Sweet Valentine (February 10 – 13)

Merge Dragons Valentines 2023
Image via Zynga

Dragonia will soon celebrate Valentine’s Day, so get in on the fun now! From February 10 to February 13, the “My Sweet Valentine” event will be accessible. Play, go exploring, and merge to gather beautiful things for your camp. Don’t pass up the opportunity to meet the amazing Gold Heart Dragon, too! Prepare for this unique celebration of dragons and love!

Monster Legends: Valentines Saga (February 9 – March 3)

The Valentine’s Saga in Monster Legends lets you celebrate Valentine’s Day. Players will navigate an intriguing journey while engaging in combat with their greatest teams of monsters to gather special Valentine’s Coins and Chests.

Zynga Valentine's Day 2023
Image via Zynga

The Valentine’s Challenge is the ideal opportunity to gather monsters from earlier eras, such as Ahma Niah, Cherub Cupid, and Jack Russael. If players are fortunate, the board may even contain Cells for Turtle Murtle, a brand-new monster!

Words With Friends 2: Valentine’s Events (February 13 – February 19)

From February 13 to February 19, players can participate in the Rosy Romancers Solo Challenge to get the Box O’ Chocolate Badge and finish the Singles Awareness Challenge to win the Solo Gamer’s Badge in Words With Friends 2 as a way to honor all types of love.

Zynga Valentine's Day 2023
Image via Zynga

Additionally, three irresistible Tile Styles—Homemade Gift, Strawberry Chocolate, and Pink Sweetheart—are arriving in February at the Premium Store. Find out which tile style will be your sweetheart.

Are you excited about the in-game events announced by Zynga for Valentine’s Day 2023 across its titles? Let us know in the comments below!

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