Clash Quest: How to play, Gameplay features, Characters list, Release date, and more

Embark on a new quest with the Clashverse characters!

A short while ago, Supercell announced that three new games set in the Clash universe are under development with Clash Quest being one of them. Clash Heroes, Clash Mini and Clash Quest are the 3 brand new games in development currently and Supercell wanted to showcase them in front of the Clash community. We have already published in-depth articles based on Clash Heroes and Clash Mini and now we’ll take a look at the third game, Clash Quest focusing on gameplay mechanism, characters, and global release date.

What is Clash Quest

According to and the announcement video from Supercell, Clash Quest is best described as a tactical turn based adventure-strategy game in which you coast from island to island trying to take out preset defences. The game shares a bunch of similarities with Clash of Clans and Clash Royale such as characters and game mechanics and is being worked on in Helsinki, Finland.

Each battle starts with you having a set amount of troops in your army and you can increase those by winning battles. If you run out of troops during the battle, you lose and if you manage to beat the defenses, you get rewards. The developers have taken a lot of inspiration from characters belonging to previous games in the Clash Universe but have added in some new elements which would certainly add to the fun. Each character obviously has different behavior and skills so you definitely would have to plan out your attacks to get the best result possible.

Gameplay features

So what has this game added to the Clash Universe you ask… Well, things like bosses, items, and combos are now included in the game. With items, you can unlock different combos which increase the damage and power of your troops and help you win. Bosses are going to be the obstacles you have to face and be ready for and are a really cool new addition.

Following a Reddit post as shared in the official r/ClashQuestGame subreddit, we came to know that the defenses would include Cannons, X-bows, and Inferno towers while you yourself would be able to take them down with the help of your troops and magical spells. The Game lead and Producer of Clash Quest want the game to add to the Clash universe but also want players who’ve never played the older games before to enjoy the game and want the gameplay and visuals to help in this

Clash Quest characters

Majorly filled with the Clash characters, Supercell aims to add some brand new characters to the Clash Quests’ roster. And we can already see one who is not from the Clash universe. From the early gameplay footage, the following characters are confirmed,

  • Archer
  • Barbarian
  • Wizard
  • Mini Pekka
  • Bomber
  • Giant
  • Prince

The most interesting part about the Clash Quests characters are their brand new attacking combos. You can make new combos by activating your items in a smart way to defeat your enemies!

Clash Quest global release date

Pretty exciting huh? Well, the game is getting ready for beta release in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland and we hope that we get a global release soon so that we’re able to get in on the action. We’ll make sure to update this space as we get to know the release date of Clash Quest.

How to play Clash Quest now

Supercell has started the regional beta in the 5 countries of Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland, where the game is now available to download on Android and iOS. To download the game in other countries, you need to follow the steps here. For more information on the beta going live in other countries, players can head over to the official website and do the pre-registration themselves now.

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