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Farlight 84 review: Experience battle royale in a post apocalyptic wasteland

Survive, and anything will be possible!

Battle Royale games have been popular for quite a while now with titles like Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile gaining a lot of popularity and downloads globally and there’s been a recent influx in the number of Battle Royale games dropping in for players to try out. Even titles like Square Enix now have a Battle Royale spinoff on mobile- moving away from the usual role-playing elements of the series. Farlight is yet another title looking to join these other games dominating the platform but the question is if it is good enough to be considered a good game by today’s standards. Here in this article, we will review Farlight 84 and share our first impressions of the game.

Farlight 84 looks a lot like Fortnite Mobile at first glance. The overall futuristic vibe with the guns and buildings and other graphical elements immediately reminds players of Fortnite if they’ve spent some time playing it. It still has funky and futuristic elements to it but looks rather dry. Nevertheless, it doesn’t look too bad and the gameplay is somewhat decent.

New futuristic outlook with a similar gameplay

Starting off with the review, Farlight 84 isn’t too different from most other Battle Royale games. You drop into battle and have to be the last team standing alive. One of the cool details is the pods that you drop out of which make more sense than being in a plane or something like that since if players are going to kill each other later anyway why not just do it before dropping in. The landing animation looks a little awkward as well so that’s something that can be worked on. Once you drop in, you have to gather up weapons and other items and take out players before they kill you.

Farlight 84 review
Farlight 84

Looting is one of the other things players might face issues with. While playing, some weapons seemed to spawn in more frequently than others. For example, sniper rifles appeared to drop more commonly than SMGs or Assault Rifles. The locations on the map where there are structures with loot seemed small as well when compared to Call of Duty: Mobile or PUBG Mobile and there’s a lot of space between them which makes looting harder. The guns feel a little clunky- especially the sniper rifles. Aiming doesn’t feel natural and fluid either. Player movement also feels kind of awkward and not as smooth as other games while frame drops and visual glitches also occur at times.

Ride hovering cars and use energy-driven guns to survive

Now the game does have a few things which remind you that this is a futuristic post-apocalyptic world. First off, there are special guns that use energy. Pretty cool. Then there’s hovering cars as well which looks kind of cool but the handling is kind of crappy especially if you’re on uneven terrain and then zombies (always a win! Or rather most of the time…). They aren’t too scary but the idea of stumbling into them while being distracted by another player kind of keeps you on edge and aware of your surroundings.

Farlight 84 review
Farlight 84

Moving on, aside from the regular battle royale mode, there’s a mode called Hunt as well which is basically players getting nametags from enemies they’ve eliminated (the player gets briefed about the number on the tag needed) which is kind of a newer game mode but it’s pretty fun if you ignore the visual glitches and stuff. Remember you’re not the hunter only. You can prey just as fast in this mode. Aside from that the game doesn’t have anything to offer yet and honestly it feels like there could be something added to it like game modes similar to how there are Team Death Matches and other game modes in games like PUBG Mobile and CoD: Mobile. But maybe additional content will be added later and it’s better than the game perfects these game modes first.

Average graphics with fully customizable controls

As talked about before, the graphics aren’t anything to write home about. They’re not too bad but if they were going for that Fortnite look then they definitely fell a little short. The audio is decent but identifying where an enemy is based on their footsteps or other sounds isn’t as easy as it might be in other titles because of bad audio effects.

Farlight 84 review
Farlight 84

Some effects sound good while others just don’t. In the waiting lobby, players would probably feel overwhelmed with the noise of gunfire being produced by other players because there’s no direction it (the sound) is coming from. It feels like it’s being posted from speakers right there all around you instead of where it’s originating from.

In terms of controls and UI, the game is honestly not that bad. There are fully customizable controls and a UI that isn’t too complicated. There aren’t any ads in the game which is always a plus and there are In All Purchases but most are cosmetic and you don’t have to pay if you don’t want to.

Final Verdict

Farlight 84 is actually a pretty decent game if it gets polished a little. It might seem a little unfair to compare it to bigger titles with higher production values but it’s hard to not keep them in mind while playing yet another game in a genre that’s quickly getting over-saturated with titles that half-ass things and provide a mediocre experience at best.

That being said, from our review perspective Farlight 84 is worth a play if you want to try out some battle royale gameplay but don’t want to go for the more popular titles. With some work, the game can be much better. The map needs to be worked on, the audio and graphics have to be worked on and the game needs some tweaks here and there.

What are your opinions on the Farlight 84 game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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