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Farlight 84: Top 5 best hot drop locations to find epic loot

Get the best loots in the game!

Following the launch of the futuristic technology-based action game Farlight 84, a large number of players have already hopped into the game trying to clinch their way to master the game. And while playing a battle royale game, nothing is more important than being armed with the necessary firearms and loaded with the best combat gear. Moreover, if you are an aggressive player who likes action right off the bat, then this article is for you, as we’ll be listing the 5 best drop spots or hot drops or loot locations where you can get a good amount of loots in Farlight 84.

However, this list only includes the most likely locations to get good loot with a decent number of kills in Farlight 84. At the end of the day, how you play and where you drop completely depends on your gameplay and whether you like to play passively or aggressively. But if you are a braveheart who likes to take on a challenge, the list is for you.

List of top 5 best loot locations in Farlight 84

1. Tinman Industrial Area

One of the best areas to loot if you are playing as a squad in Farlight 84 and want to engage in tactical fights by holding specific spots throughout the area. The warehouses in the heart of the spot make for great loot spots and can provide an entire squad with the necessary supplies needed to survive through the match.

Tinman Industrial Are Farlight 84
Image via Lilith Games

Many players drop here, so always pick up a gun before looting or the enemy might just shred you without wasting any time.

2. Sunflower Shopping Mall

Sunflower Shopping Mall Farlight 84
Image via Lilith Games

A small enclosed compound with lots of loot. Optimal for players who want to get into early gunfights to secure a high amount of kills before heading out into the further stages of the game. As it’s a closed space, enemies are bound to be lurking at every corner and will provide a challenge to your gun skill and combat prowess.

3. The Sanctuary Tower

The Sanctuary Tower Farlight 84
Image via Lilith Games

Even though the location in Farlight 84 is rather scarce when it comes to buildings, it is not to be taken lightly when it comes to loot concentration. Great for squad operations, it has an ample number of places to take cover and engage in fights to take down the enemy. There is almost always a vehicle there which also provides a way to escape if the fight gets too hot.

4. Nova Planetarium

Nova Planetarium Farlight 84
Image via Lilith Games

Ideal for fast-paced exhilarating fights, it provides a ton of loot enough to gear up a full squad if they manage to get rid of the enemies landing there. The open courtyard in the middle might become a bloodbath if you’re daring enough to land there when the enemy already has a gun, there might be great loot but no cover. A solid spot to hold and ambush enemies in the late game when the going gets tough.

5. Feteville

A small town of sorts, Feteville has the highest density of buildings and is probably the most tactical spot to drop in. As there are lots of buildings, you don’t have to worry about loot. Because if you don’t get loot in one building there are a lot of other buildings to make up for it.

Feteville Farlight 84
Image via Lilith Games

The location in Farlight 84 is great squad fights along with good loot. As it’s a widespread area, always keep your eyes peeled for enemies who might be lurking in the rooms, or the nooks and corners, waiting to catch you off guard and send you back to the lobby.

What do you think of this Farlight 84 best drop spots list? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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