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Gladiators: Survival in Rome review: Explore Rome and conquer your way through the empire

Venture deep into the wilderness of Ancient Europe!

Gladiators: Survival in Rome is a new RPG title that brings adventure/survival and strategic city-building. The game is based in the ancient Roman Empire where gladiators are still a thing and the protagonist that players play as has escaped from Caesar’s army and is free to venture out into the free world, that is if they manage to beat all the obstacles that come their way. Here in this article, we will review Gladiators: Survival in Rome and share our first impressions of the game.

The game features a procedurally generated open world, a historical setting, crafting, combat, and everything else you can find in a classic RPG, along with the objective of building up your own city. Along with this, the game also allows you to either team up with other players or go up against them.   

Explore the cities of Rome and finish your quests

Starting off with the Gladiators: Survival in Rome review, the game starts out fairly simple, teaching you the very basics about cooking, collecting resources, trading, building, fixing items, and quests. There’s a bunch of quests that introduce the basic characters and story. 

Gladiators Gladiators: Survival in Rome review
Image via Colossi Games

At the start the game is pretty linear as players go from skill to skill, figuring out different actions and finishing up quests. Most of the early gameplay is just finishing quests and gathering up basic supplies you’ll need to survive. The game features a top-down view and looks pretty well designed and polished with a few small problems here and there. 

Stamina can prove to be a spoilsport for even the strongest of Gladiators

As stated before, the game features action survival and city-building elements. It’s driven by quests and there’s quite a lot of work to do in order to get past the early stages of the game. The game feels pretty well made with fluid movement and animations along with a well-designed world full of different man-made/ natural structures, terrain variations, and more. 

Now the only issue with the gameplay is the stamina. Once you run out of it, you’ll be forced to move along at a slow pace until you wait for more (which takes 24 hours to charge up, for only 15 or so minutes of use) or get some more by eating or watching ads. This is a rather frustrating mechanism that many will have problems with.

first equipment Gladiators: Survival in Rome review
Image via Colossi Games

Gladiators: Survival in Rome brings hack ‘n’ slash combat along with puzzles and minigames

One of the cooler elements though is the minigames and puzzles which are pretty addicting and will engage players quite a bit. Some are even custom remakes of some other popular yet simplistic games. Moving on, there’s quite a bit of place for players to explore and quite a lot of content to play through so it doesn’t turn stale too quickly. 

Aside from that, the game is pretty standard. There’s not a whole lot to the story and it only guides players a little here and there while the fighting mechanics are pretty standard hack n slash styled controls.

building your city Gladiators: Survival in Rome review
Image via Colossi Games

One of the things that players might notice is how enemies spawn into areas that have been cleared out, that too out of nowhere and that could be worked on a little. The game isn’t too grindy and there’s an auto mode however that isn’t of much use as it only performs small actions on its own. There weren’t many bugs or glitches observed during a playthrough of the game.

The game provides good visuals along with smooth controls

Gladiators: Survival in Rome looks pretty good visually and has a bunch of neat-looking animations, although they might not always fit the action. The game has a polished look to it and at times, it feels like it resembles the visual art of games like Albion Online.

In terms of audio, there’s nothing to really have any complaints about and the game has a decent audio track (although there’s only one song that plays on loop). There were no issues with the controls or the UI. They’re pretty standard and work as intended.  

Hire workers
Image via Colossi Games

IAPs can prove to be a bigger villain than the stamina system

The game does have ads and IAPs and as mentioned before, the monetization system with the stamina isn’t the best. It’s one of the biggest flaws of the game and if it’s made more friendly towards players, then the game would be considered a much better title.

Final Verdict

Overall, Gladiators: Survival in Rome presents itself as a decent action-strategy title with the stamina system being the only flaw (which has really always negatively affected any game it’s been a part of). A cooldown isn’t necessarily bad but it only makes sense when it’s for a couple of minutes, not a whole day. It isn’t game-breaking since it reduces your speed but that’s also not ideal. 

Aside from that the gameplay is enjoyable and worth a play if you can get past the stamina system. There’s a lot of content to play through, a lot of areas to explore. So if you’re looking for a strategy-city building sim with some action, this title might be worth checking out. 

Gladiators: Survival in Rome review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 8
Storyline and Progression - 7
Graphics and Music - 8
Controls and UI - 8
Free to play Elements - 6



Gladiators: Survival in Rome presents itself as a decent action-strategy title with the stamina system being the only flaw. It isn’t game-breaking since it reduces your speed but that’s also not ideal.

What are your opinions on the Gladiators: Survival in Rome game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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