Isle of Arrows review: Relax in your island and experience a roguelike Tower Defense game

Build your fortress, a tile by tile and defend against enemies!

Isle of Arrows is a mixture of board games and tower-defence-type strategy games. Isle of Arrows is a very chill and beautiful tower defence game developed by Grid Pop Games. This release is just a mobile port from the original game released of it on the Steam platform on PC. The game’s main goal is to not let enemies get to your yellow crystals with defensive turrets and routes. Here in this article, we will review the Isle of Arrows mobile game and share our first impressions of the game.

Draw tiles to build your defense against enemies in an island

Starting off with the Isle of Arrows review, the game puts the player on an island. The goal of the players would be to make a defensive maze in order to defend the crystals from enemies that spawn at the end of each route. The game is very easy to understand but is very challenging to actually master.

Isle of Arrows release
Image via Gridpop

Unlike most normal tower defence games, the best part about the Isle of Arrows is its randomness. The players will not be able to guess which tiles would they get and how to plan ahead for it. Unlike most static tower defence games where players would eventually find out the most optimal way of playing a map and just play that over and over again.

Sit back, relax and chill but don’t forget to plan and strategise

Isle of Arrows has a very warm and cozy vibe as a game especially in its artwork that feels very snuggly. With this artwork, one would expect the gameplay to be as warm, comfortable, and easy. This would be a huge mistake as even how fuzzy the game seems, the gameplay difficulty itself actually gets quite hard. This combination of cosy artwork and difficulty makes the game very unique.

Isle of Arrows review, Isle of Arrows
Image via Gridpop

Winning or losing does not really matter that much for this game as every run is always unique and can almost never be replicated so the best players can do is enjoy the run as long as it lasts and maybe they may even reach the end of the stage which is level 40 by planning nicely and getting a bit lucky

The game offers beautiful graphics and a soothing music

Overall, as said above the artwork, soundtrack, and the overall vibe of the game is very comfy, snuggly, and warm. As a PC port, the graphics of the game is very beautiful and surprisingly do not need as much processing power from the phone to run. The soundtrack also highlights the warmness of the artwork of the game.

Image via Gridpop

Killing enemies feel satisfying with every sound effect of different towers and the background music that feels very soothing. Lastly, the overall vibe of the game is that feeling when you found yourself with an awkward amount of break time but at the same time, you found yourself the most comfortable and snug cafe to spend your free 30 minutes to 1 hour free time.

Final Verdict

Isle of Arrows can be considered a casual game by people. This means that skill, strength, content and such are affected by little to no amount of time. This means that players can have the urge to play this comfy little difficult randomized rouge-like tower defence at this day and then not play it for a week and not miss a huge load of content and upgrades, as is the case for most games that are aimed to be competitive.

Isle of Arrows is a very fun, interesting and addicting game that is definitely worth playing. It gives a very refreshing and interesting twist to the well-known and worn-out genre of tower defence games that lacked innovation and new content until this. The gameplay is for sure worth the initial cost to get into the game especially considering how much mobile games are being memed on as being 20% game and 80% ads.

Although the game is a mobile port of its earlier PC release the game surprisingly does not take that much storage and processing power of the phone. Combining this with its casualness and just overall comfortableness, the game can easily be a staple go-to game when having awkward short breaks like commutes, coffee breaks, or any other breaks of the such.

Isle of Arrows review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 8
Game Progression - 7
Graphics and Music - 7.5
Controls and UI - 8
Worth the Money - 7.5



Isle of Arrows is a aesthetic, and relaxing game that combines tower-defense with casual elements. It comes as a fresh new board game with a twist and a definite must-try.

What are your opinions on the Isle of Arrows game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments below!

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