Love is… in small things review: Embrace love like never before

Listen to the beautiful love story of the two main characters

Love is…in small things is one of the romantic games made by Lunosoft. The game showcases the lively artwork of a South Korean artist who goes by the name Puuung and is a romantic title. Without further ado, let’s dive into the review. Here in this article, we will review Love is… in small things and share our first impressions of the game.

Find love in this ever-changing world we live

Starting off with the Love is… in small things review, Puuung, our protagonist, feels that love makes light emit from many small things that we encounter in our daily life. Oftentimes, because of different reasons, either being busy or just not being in the mood, we miss these small things.

But if we see these small things with the correct perspective, we will find love… really in small things. Lunosoft wanted us to feel the same with the help of her artworks. The goal of the player is to find out the specified objects and hearts in the non-colored image. The story is about a couple who are in love with each other.

love is in small things garden love
Image via Lunosoft

With the progress of levels, different parts of the story come up. The story itself is good and enjoyable. Love is always a point of interest for many people. This game defines the way how these two characters met with each other and loved each other. The storyline is divided into 31 episodes with each episode being divided into smaller segments.

Solve puzzles from hidden pictures set in the rhythm of love

After the completion of the puzzle, the monologue of the character shows up which makes a good connection to the scene and the point of the story. With each small part, the whole story adds up as a slice of life and the experience of a girl with her partner about being in love and longing for each other.

To complete all the episodes, the player needs to have a good eye for details and the ability to perceive small things in bigger things. Some objects are easily noticeable, but some are a bit difficult to notice. Upon the completion of certain episodes, wallpapers rewards are granted. These are the original artwork of Puuung. Players can download the wallpaper and use it on their devices, which is a really cool feature.

love is in raining image
Image via Lunosoft

Love is… in small things also gives players access to Puuung’s original soundtracks. There are seven different soundtracks. Players can listen to those as they progress through the story. Besides that, there is a dedicated option to just play the music as the player likes, which is a pretty good quality of life detail.

The game offers beautiful artwork along with soothing music

All the scenes in the game are the artwork of Puuung, who really really deserves the credit here for some beautiful creations. Players are expected to immerse themselves in the story as they find out the objects from the artwork. The representation style of this game is unique compared to other titles. But it leaves no room for players to not be amazed.

love is in small things sitting bench
Image via Lunosoft

With each tap on the object, the color spreads properly. After finishing a level, the colors of the whole artwork show up. The music is just appropriate for the setting of the plot. Smooth and nice. The theme of those songs also fits the game story and you won’t be able to tell which one is the best since they’re all really good.

Ads are a constant distraction in the warm season of love

Let’s talk about another aspect of the game, which would be privacy. Almost every android app is involved in tracking users and their sensitive data. While playing Love is…in little things, we noticed some tracking attempts by the app. At the end of the testing, we found 13 attempts in 1 hour. However, the number is not static and attempts can vary from device to device based on numerous factors.

love is in small things tap loading screen
Image via Lunosoft

In comparison with other apps, this number is considered low medium tracking aggressiveness. Due to the nature of the game, there are fewer IAP options. The only in-app purchase option in the game is the option to remove ads from the game. And it costs around $5 to avail of that perk. The ads are really distracting. An ad pops up after finishing a level.

Sometimes, the ad screen might freeze which leads users to force stop the game and start again. One of the most frustrating things about the game is the ad-based reward system. Normally, the game offers rewards in exchange for viewing ads. But oftentimes, after viewing the ads, the close button doesn’t work. Even after managing to back out from that page, the reward is simply not credited to the player. This is some kind of undermining in exchange for viewing the ads.

Final Verdict

30 episodes is a decent amount of content and it’s pretty much confirmed that it will take a considerable amount of time for players to finish every episode. The only annoying thing about this game is ads popping up after the completion of every level.

Sometimes it’s hard to notice the objects, but it’s a part of the game and the message of Puuung. The way the message was given in the game is really impressive. Overall, from our review perspective, Love is… in small things is a nice game worth the time. If you wanna know more about Puuung, feel free to visit her website and check out her discord server here.

Love is... in small things review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 8
Graphics and Music - 9
Storyline - 9
Controls and UI - 8.5
Free-to-Play Elements - 8.5



Love is… in small things is a nice game worth the time. It offers a sweet and soothing experience and a decent slice of life story.

What are your opinions on the Love is… in small things game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments below!

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