MaskGun Review: A simple perspective of multiplayer FPS

An Engaging FPS with some limitations

MaskGun is a multiplayer FPS game developed by June Gaming. It takes inspiration from other FPS games like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike, but with less complication. Although free-to-play, there is monetization which can give a competitive advantage. This article will look at the key aspects of the game MaskGun and review them.

The game specializes in simplicity

You will have seen from similar FPS games, that there is a lot of content for you to handle. However, in MaskGun the focus appears to be entirely on making the game easy and simple for players. It seems as though MaskGun aims at making an FPS game that is also quick to pick-up and play.

As soon as you download it, you are greeted with a very short tutorial, before jumping straight into the main menu. Everything is well organized and easy to access and the in-match controls are nicely spread out, avoiding screen clutter. Overall, this is an FPS game that is kept nice and simple, which is rare nowadays.

There is a focus on the friends’ system

While we review more aspects of the game, the friend’s system is quite heavily promoted by MaskGun. The system overall is very easy to use and you can add your friends very easy. This is one of those games in which you can easily start-up and play with a group of friends. Also, in-game, there is a communication system which can be very effective for developing strategy. Again, a great way to play with a big group of friends.

To add to that, you will find a clan system where you can join forces with other players. As well as earning useful rewards, you will be able to easily engage in combat with clan-mates. Overall, MaskGun is all about fighting with your friends rather than alone.

There is an arena-style of combat

MaskGun Review

The main type of combat is based on the popular arena-style, which involves a small-sized map and a heavy focus on weapon skill. The communication system allows you to develop strategies and play tactically to win battles. On top of that, you have a huge range of different weapons to choose from, ranging from assault rifles to snipers to shotguns. MaskGun is all about skill in weapon play and teamwork.

Good variety of maps to fight in

MaskGun Review

As with other arena games, you will expect a variety in the number of maps in which you can fight in. Whether you choose to battle it out in an airport, or in a Brazilian Favela. This keeps gameplay fresh and exciting, since MaskGun is always being updated, you will also find that more and more maps are being added. Expect more variety than what there already is.

Monetization is a huge downside in MaskGun

The presence of monetization slightly ruins the experience. People that spend real money on the game will gain boosts in currency, allowing them to upgrade weapons and buy new weapons. This damages the idea of weapon skill, sometimes, instead of dedication, you’ll just need to make a couple of IAPs.

As well as competitive advantages, there is the option to purchase cosmetics, notably the “masks” which are a key part of the game itself. You may choose to buy these in order to make your character look better in-game. This proves to be a slight incentive in order to draw people away from currency purchases.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, MaskGun is a game that specializes in bringing a simple and easy-to-use FPS game to mobile in which you can quickly set-up matches with friends. It can be a very good choice for a party game when you have a big group of people to play with. The focus on arena-style gameplay and weapon-control is slightly affected by the monetization.

Have you played MaskGun yet and if yes, what is your review on it? Do let us know in the comments!

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