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Mobile Legends Adventure Review

After the massive success of Mobile Legends Bang Bang, the developers Moontoon released another game. Based on the same Mobile Legends universe, Mobile Legends Adventure will take the players to a fantasy world named ‘Land of Dawn’ where they will fight with different enemies as they progress through the campaign. If you are still unaware, after reading the Mobile Legends Adventure review, you’ll have a brief idea about the game.


Mobile legends Adventure review,

Unlike Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Mobile Legends adventure is a story-driven game. The players will be playing a big campaign where each chapter will start with a storyline. As the players progress through the campaign, they will unlock different heroes. Although the game is offering a story, it could have been better.

Gameplay and Progress System

Mobile legends Adventure review,

Just like Mobile Legends Bang Bang, this game also has a variety of things to do. The whole home screen will let the players try out different types of game modes. There are options like Time Portal, Fusion Shrine, Dismantle Shrine, Labyrinth, Tower of Babel, etc. Each of these will unlock as the player progress with the experience level. MoonToon has also incorporated Arena (ranking based) where they lept the game competitive. So overall a great design!

Graphics and Music

If you are already familiar with Moontoon’s previous game Mobile Legends Bang Bang, then you know how much careful they are when it is about graphics and music. Mobile Legends Adventure offers great graphics and sound experience. In the beginning, the players may feel that the characters could be better, but as they play the game they’ll fall in love with the character designs.


Mobile legends Adventure review,

The controls of the game are pretty much smooth and easy. The detailed tutorial will teach the players how to use the controls. The battles can be done automatically or manually. And in the case of Area, it is totally an automated battle based on the total power. During my 7 days of playtime, I did not face any issues with the controls.

Final Verdict

Overall, Mobile Legends Adventure is a game that most gamers will enjoy. It is a great time killer and can be very addictive. After playing it for the last 7 days I am Doing the Mobile Legends Adventure review, and trust me, I am in love with this game. However, the clan system could have been better designed.

You can download the game on Android by clicking here and, on iOS by clicking here.

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