My little Paradise: Resort Management Game Review: Build your own Resort!

My Little Paradise: Resort Management Game is what the title already says, a management game about your own little paradise resort. Make sure to make your guests happy by providing what they need. Also, expand your island and build new shops and decorations. Make yours stand out from the rest! This game was published by BucketPlay Inc.


You got invited by both your aunt and uncle to help out and build up a resort. It is your job to oversee everything and to make sure that nothing stays behind. Produce food and items, like bread, Bananas or fabric. Your guests will request them. Requests are shown as bubbles above the guest’s heads, which is your cue to tap it and sell the item they desire. Each item sold grants you money and experience points to level up your “User Level”, is what I call. That’s the pink star at the top left of the screen. The guests could also be in your favour and give you tips on your great performance, that’s the green money with the T in the middle.

my little paradise gameplay screen

On the left side of the screen, you will see tasks you need to complete. They can be different, from placing factories, to decorations.

At the top you see a leaf with roman numerals, that is the level of your resort. You get them by building more of your resort and expanding it. The higher your resort level is, the more items you unlock in the game.

It is not an idle game where you just jump in for a few minutes and clear all the things. Especially not in the beginning when you start out. You have to keep checking what needs to be done, gather the resources, and wait for them to be finished.

The story in My Little Paradise

There is a story in the game that you can follow and read along, it is not necessary to the gameplay, though. It feels that the game is mainly targeted at kids, it has the art style of it as well. Most of the story is build around as a tutorial, for the player to understand how to play this game and to understand the new mechanics. The tutorial is also very long, they talk a lot. After some few attempts you have the grasp of this game, but it keeps interrupting you to learn new and old things. It is basically holding you by the hand while you try to play the game.

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Final Thoughts

It is a great game for the younger audience to place and to manage resources. It is easy to learn and understand and the tonality of the game is very friendly. The tutorial is holding you by the hand, which can be unnecessary for older players but can be helpful for the younger ones.

Of course, it also has a monetisation, but it is not in your face. You get the chance to buy diamonds with real-world currency, with diamonds you can cancel the waiting time on different things or get extra items.

Also, for some reasons, the game’s name is in Korean on my smartphone, so there is no way for me to search for this game, but to look manually if I want to play it.

Have you played this game or want to check it out? Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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