Suicide Guy review: Step out of your nightmare

Challenge yourself and find a way to die!

It’s not easy to come up with an idea for a game that revolves around killing yourself but somehow Suicide Guy does manage to do it in a way that doesn’t make you pay much heed to it. You’re focused on the tasks at hand, trying to find a way out and wake up. The 3D first-person adventurepuzzle game was first released back in 2017 for Windows and since then has been released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, the Nintendo Switch, and finally, Android. Here in this article, we will review Suicide Guy and share our first impressions of the game.

Wake up to save your beloved one!

Starting off with the Suicide Guy review, you’re trapped inside your dreams and the only way to wake up is to kill yourself multiple times. Quite a change from regular games in which you need to keep yourself alive to win. You keep going through different levels and have to figure out a way to solve the puzzle and kill yourself (sounds really bad when it’s said but you don’t really pay so much attention to how bad it sounds during the game).

Suicide Guy review

The thing about the game is that the puzzles are genuinely challenging and you need to take your time, look at your surroundings and get to know how things work. Each puzzle works in a different way and it’s up to you to understand how to solve it. In the start, you do get some easier puzzles but as you progress, levels get harder but when you figure out the answer, it all seems to fall together. After missions, you respawn into what looks like a diner and it serves as an interactive menu where you can access missions.

Solve puzzles and kill yourself!

Playing through, we noticed that there seemed to be a bunch of pop culture references to things like Mario and Indiana Jones among a few others which seemed to add a cool touch to the game. Now while the overall idea of this game is pretty cool and the puzzles are great, there’s some negatives which you can’t ignore while playing. First off, everything is really clunky and feels unfinished.

Suicide Guy review

The deaths are kind of cool (that sentence felt really weird but that’s what the game is) and well thought out and it feels like the deaths are something out of the final destination series. This goes to show that while there’s a lot of creativity put into the game, it didn’t really do well with the execution. The fact that there’s no sense of urgency or doom kind of does makes the game lamer. What would the game do if you’re just taking too much time to figure out the mission? Kill you? But that’s your objective anyway. There’s isn’t really a timer or a way for you to fail the mission. This is appreciated by some but not as much by others.

Graphics could have been better

Now, this is one of the places where the game really lacks. The graphics aren’t as bad as some other games and seem intentional to some extent and kind of like games such as Roblox. They are really colorful and catch your attention though. Also, in the settings, you can change the graphics settings all the way from lowest to ultra.

Coming to audio, it’s definitely not good. Sounds sort of boom and are really unnatural which makes it a bit painful for the year. For example, in the cafe, if you’re walking around or knock on a table, it doesn’t feel like the sound is coming from the source. It feels like there are speakers all around you and it’s the same for when your character burps. Sound effects also feel really unfinished and just hurt.

You need not watch ads to kill yourself

The controls aren’t really that bad. You use your left joystick to move around, crawl and climb depending on the scenario. There’s a button through which you jump and then one to pick up and push around things while another allows you to interact with things like buttons, lever, burgers and other things.

Suicide Guy review

Since the game is paid, there aren’t any ads or In-App Purchases obviously but even if it wasn’t, there doesn’t seem to be a way to include In-App Purchases into the game. It’s single-player and there’s no need for urgency or any way in which you can lose.

Final verdict

The idea for the game is great. And it’s a good game if you look at the bright side and appreciate the creativity and how it engages your mind into solving puzzles. But the execution is not that good at all and that’s what might drive you away from the game.

Another thing is the lack of hints or inclusion of some messages to give you some idea so as to how you got into the diner and what you need to do. It’s not really needed considering there’s an intro on the Play Store but it would be a good touch. The game has a lot of potentials and has some really cool elements to it but fails when it comes to presentation.

What are your opinions on the Suicide Guy game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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