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Diablo Immortal Patch 1.8 Age of Falling Towers update brings the Dread Weaver dungeon, the new Accursed Tower mode and more

The third major update to Diablo Immortal Age of Falling Towers will let players experience the Dread Weaver dungeon, the new Accursed Tower PvP, and PvE mode, and more as patch 1.8 goes live. Apart from the Dread Weaver dungeon, the new Accursed Tower PvP, and PvE mode, this update also brings The Astral Bloom Elite Quest, and a plethora of updates to existing features.

Diablo Immortal Age of Falling Towers update: Key Highlights

Accursed Towers Clan-Based Game Mode

Auras of power emanate from the mysterious obelisks that have recently been discovered that date back countless ages. The inhabitants of Sanctuary yearn to seize such power for themselves but lack the knowledge to do so. A brand-new game mode called Accursed Towers combines PvE and PvP gameplay. Clans will compete for control of towers, giving all Clan members strong bonuses and the chance to obtain fresh Cursed Goods. To take part in Accursed Towers, players must be members of a Clan.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Accursed Towers description that follows only provides a high-level overview of the game mode. After the maintenance time, we intend to send extra information via in-game mail to help Clan Leaders make the most of Accursed Towers. Also, there are in-game tutorials that can assist you in quickly becoming familiar with this new function. Click or tap the icons in the Accursed Towers menu to get to those.

How to Claim Towers

Up to 2 towers may be controlled by each Clan during a Season. All tower ownership will be reset at the conclusion of each eight-week Season.

Players will have a large selection of Unclaimed Towers to choose from at the beginning of a Season. Your Clan’s leader can choose a tower from the Accursed Tower’s menu and attempt to claim it for your Clan during the first week of a Season, from Monday at 3 a.m. to Saturday at 7 p.m. server time. If successful, your Clan will enter a PvE battle against Hell’s minions for control of the tower by Purifying it. During the first week of the Season, a single tower can only be claimed by a Clan.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Your Clan’s goal is to gather Cursed Shards from dead demons while battling demonic hordes for control of the tower. Players are unable to just attack opponents as they normally would. To harm your enemies, you must first identify and turn on the tower’s Curse Sources. Enemies will become more susceptible as a result, allowing you to eliminate them and take their Cursed Shards.

The top 10 Clan members who have earned the most Cursed Shards at the end of the timer will have them added to your team’s total. A Clan may make as many runs as they like to gather Cursed Shards at the same tower, but only the highest team total will be kept.

Within your Clan, claiming a tower is reason for celebration, but now you have to defend it. Hell’s minions will make an effort to reclaim the house they took. Demonic incursions start when your Corruption metre reaches a particular point. Your tower must be swiftly defended by members of your Clan, otherwise it will be lost and can be taken back by another Clan.

But by energising your tower, you can fend off Hell’s mindless marauders. Your Clan leader can decide whether to upgrade your tower by selecting it from the Accursed Tower’s menu. Not only would doing so stop demonic attacks on it, but it will also improve the bonuses your tower offers and the recurring awards the Rewards Chest inside of it offers. Be careful because upgrading your tower has a price; other Clans will be able to challenge your clan to a PvP battle for possession of the tower.

Contesting a Tower Through PvP

Certainly, the other Clans on your server will concur. Clans are permitted to control a second tower beginning in the second week of a season. Clans will be able to attempt to challenge for tower possession from another Clan in an all-out PvP match from Saturday at 9 p.m. until Sunday at 12 a.m. server time. If your Clan wins, they’ll not only take home the glory and a brand-new tower from which to draw goodies on occasion, but also a plethora of gifts from taking part in the PvP match, some of which might even be cursed items.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Because the first season of Accursed Towers begins mid-week, the schedule for the first week will differ from subsequent seasons. The gameplay itself will be as detailed above. Here’s the schedule:

  • March 30 after the maintenance period–March 31 at 3 a.m. server time: The Clan Leader will decide which tower they would like to try to claim.
  • March 31, 3 a.m.–April 1, 7 p.m. server time: Collect Cursed Shards at the chosen tower.
  • April 1, 7 p.m. server time: Cursed Shard Clan totals are counted and the Clan with the most at each tower claims that tower.

Cursed Items

Cursed Items are a new type of Legendary Item that has a Cursed Property. They are obtainable from completing PvP matches and can also be dropped by enemies while collecting Cursed Shards from a PvE match. All Legendary Items that drop anywhere in Sanctuary will also have a chance of being a Cursed Item.

Cursed Items come with both a Positive and Negative Property attached to them. Neither Property will activate unless you have at least one other Cursed Item equipped that shares the same Positive Property. If you have two or more equipped Cursed Items, you will receive both the Positive and Negative Property effects from both. Positive Properties will grow in power as you equip multiple Cursed Items with the same Positive Property, with increases occurring at 4 and 6 Items.

Equipping both things will give you their shared Positive Property as well as their Negative Properties because they both share the same Positive Property: decreases Main Attack damage and lengthens the cooldown for dash skills.

Cursed items have two sides to them, but they can also give you incredibly strong bonuses that will strengthen the character you play.

Dread Reaver Dungeon

After finishing the mission Path of Horror and advancing to Hell V difficulty, a brand-new dungeon experience called Dread Reaver becomes available. Get on board and carry on with Diablo Immortal’s Main Mission as you search for the elusive Cult of Terror and attempt to recover a stolen Worldstone shard before they can give it to one of their commanders, the Bride of Hell.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Dread Reaver, a legendary ship that eats all in its path, may be found in Sanctuary’s deepest waters. While you battle drowned anomalies, sea monsters, and the ship’s commander, an exile from a long-forgotten place, maintain your footing on its decks.

Elite Quest: The Astral Bloom

You will help a strange wizard trying to repair the damage done by his past in this new Elite Quest, which is available at Taite, the Adventure Seeker in Westmarch. You will also battle a foe who will cause reality to quiver. Explore the terrifying vistas of the Astral Realm, guard a mystic observatory that belongs to one of the Mage Clans, and go to a village that is under siege. Adventurer, the Astral Bloom is waiting for you.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Astral Bloom Elite Quest may only be started once a player has finished Stormpoint’s Main Quest and has an Adventure Journal in their hands.

3 New Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal Age of Falling Towers update

A total of three brand-new legendary gems have been added to aid in enhancing the construction of your character. We enjoy watching players use each new batch of available Legendary Gems to create distinctive builds, and we can’t wait to see how they’ll apply the newest trio. Each gem’s values below correspond to their Rank-10 rankings:

  • Lo’s Focused Gaze (One-Star Gem): Increases damage done by your Charge skills by 20%. Charging speed is increased by 32%.
  • Pain Clasp (Two-Star Gem): Increases damage dealt by 24% to enemies suffering from a continuous damage effect. When an enemy suffering from continuous damage is within 10 yards, your Movement Speed is increased by 6%.
  • Gloom Cask (Five-Star Gem): Your Primary Attack unleashes an Aspect of Gloom for 6 seconds, during which time your Primary Attack will trigger gloom blades that deal 68% base damage + 275. Enemies hit by the gloom blades take 24% increased damage from your Primary Attacks for 3 seconds. Cannot occur more often than once every 20 seconds.

New Set Items in Diablo Immortal Age of Falling Towers update: Banquet Of Eyes

A new Set has been added as well—Banquet of Eyes—it is centered around punishing enemies suffering from your damage-over-time effects and rewarding you with buffs.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Banquet of Eyes (2-Piece Bonus): Damage dealt to enemies suffering from your damage over time effects increased by 15%.
  • Banquet of Eyes (4-Piece Bonus): Your Critical Hit Chance is increased by 2.5%, up to 25%, for every damage over time effect you inflict upon nearby enemies.
  • Banquet of Eyes (6-Piece Bonus): When you apply a damage over time effect to an enemy, you enter Poison Rage for 12 seconds during which your damage will corrode enemies, dealing damage over 3 seconds. Cannot enter Poison Rage more often than once every 40 seconds.

Banquet of Eyes Set Items will only drop from the following dungeons on Hell Difficulty V and above. Additionally, the drop rate for Set Items across all dungeons on Hell Difficulty V and above has been increased.

  • Bilious Bandlet (Ring): Dread Reaver
  • Cavern’s Regard (Belt): Forgotten Tower
  • Hex Walkers (Feet): Mad King’s Breach
  • Seeping Bandlet (Ring): Dread Reaver
  • Spurned Charity (Amulet): Kikuras Rapids
  • Teargrip (Hands): Tomb of Fahir

Ashes Of Antiquity Limited-Time Event

Sightings of the Cult of Terror coupled with reported demonic disturbances have you leaving the comfort of your home to defend it. You dare walk the path directly into the heart of danger, a path rife with unspeakable salt-ridden horrors lying just below the water line, and Ashes of Antiquity to scour through for answers.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

From March 30, 3 a.m.–April 20, 2:59 a.m. server time, players Level 30 and above will quell the burgeoning darkness by completing weekly Ashes of Antiquity tasks that will help you earn milestone awards.

  • Complete 3 tasks: 1 random Legendary Item
  • Complete 6 tasks: 1 Telluric Pearl
  • Complete 11 tasks: 1 Legendary Crest

Recall A Friend Limited-Time Event

Many and ruthless, the servants of Hell will do anything to see Sanctuary fall into their gaping mouths. If you want to turn the tide in favor of humanity, you must gather allies behind you because friends who die together form unbreakable bonds.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Reclaim Sanctuary with friends at your side starting at 3:00 a.m. on March 30 by using the Recall a Friend tool. To recall players, you must be at least Level 30. Each player has a unique code that can be found on the Recall a Friend event page. Copy and share this code with your friend.

Alternatively, you can recall a player via an in-game invitation system located within the event’s menu. To be recalled by another player, you must not have logged in to Diablo Immortal for at least 14 days and are level 20 or higher. Once you log in, input your friend’s code on the Recall a Friend event page. You will have 24 hours to input your friend’s code.

The recalling player will receive 10 Recruitment Points the first time they complete each of the following tasks:

  • Send an invite using the in-game invitation system: 10 Recruitment Points
  • Recall 1 player: 10 Recruitment Points
  • Recall 1 player and they gain 40 Levels: 10 Recruitment Points
  • Recall 2 players and they gain 40 Levels: 10 Recruitment Points
  • Recall 3 players and they gain 40 Levels: 10 Recruitment Points

Once you have accumulated the required number of Recruitment Points, the following rewards can be claimed from the Recall a Friend event menu.

Rewards for recalling player:

  • 10 Recruitment Points: 2 Beguiling Dust, 30 Scrap, and 5K Gold
  • 20 Recruitment Points: 6 Rare Crests and 6 Normal Gems
  • 30 Recruitment Points: 1 Legendary Crest, 3 Rare Crests, and 6 Normal Gems
  • 40 Recruitment Points: 1 Legendary Crest, 3 Rare Crests, and 6 Normal Gems
  • 50 Recruitment Points: 3 Legendary Crests and 9 Rare Crests

Recalled players will receive their rewards immediately after accepting the invitation or inputting their friend’s code. Recalled players can also receive an additional bounty of rewards if they reach Level 40. Only one code may be redeemed by each recalled player.

Rewards for recalled players:

  • Input friend’s code or accept their invitation: 15 Beguiling Dust, 200 Scrap Material, 30,000 Gold
  • Reach Level 40: 3 Rare Crests, 15 Beguiling Dust, 200 Scrap Material, 30,000 Gold

The ability to recall players ends on April 27 at 3:00 a.m. server time, but players will have until May 25 to reach Level 40 and claim their additional rewards.

Feature Updates in Diablo Immortal Age of Falling Towers update

Activity Rewards Increase

Many activities in Diablo Immortal will now provide additional rewards or experience.

  • Rite of Exile: Players belonging to both the winning and losing sides will be rewarded with random items (including a guaranteed Legendary and Set Item), Hilts, and Scrap Materials. These rewards are provided directly after completing Rite of Exile.
  • Raid the Vault: Monsters killed inside the Vault have a chance to reward items of a random rarity, experience, and Gold.
  • Shadow War: Players that engage in the Shadow War will be rewarded with increased experience and a guaranteed random Legendary item.
  • Defend the Vault: Players that successfully defend the Vault will be rewarded with Hilts, experience, Gold, and Scrap Materials.
  • Immortal Age of Advancement Chests will reward Hilts, items of a random rarity, and Gold.
  • Heavy Ornate Chests will reward one Monstrous Essence.
  • All Main Quests reward additional experience.
  • Players will receive a Rare Crest as they complete Exploration achievements for each zone, with a milestone at 50%, 70%, and 100%.

Battleground and Rite of Exile Balance

The Defense win condition of killing Attackers in both Battleground and Rite of Exile has increased from 55 to 65 kills.

Shadow War Time Change

Shadow War will now begin at 7:30 p.m. server time on Thursdays for the Preliminary Round and 7:30 p.m. server time on Saturdays for the Final and Third Place Playoff Rounds. The countdown to the Shadow War’s beginning will start at 7:10 p.m. server time to give players enough time to gather and organize for their fight.

Rare Crests

Up to 10 Rare Crests may be used with each Elder Rift run.

Hero’s Journey Chapters 5 and 6

Chapter 5 and 6 of Hero’s Journey have unlocked! To continue walking the path to glory in Chapter 5, you must have completed chapters 1-4. Here’s a look at the rewards you will receive for completing these new Chapters.

Chapter 5:

  • 1 Legendary Crest
  • 900 Hilts
  • 30 Aspirant’s Key
  • 50,000 Gold

Chapter 6:

  • Boundary Walker Portal Cosmetic
  • 1 Legendary Crest
  • 900 Hilts
  • 36 Aspirant’s Key

Hilts Vendor

The Hilts Vendor has just increased their inventory! The following two transactions may be performed up to 15 times a week each:

  • Trading 100 Hiltsfor 50 Scrap Materials
  • Trading 75 Hilts for 5 Enchanted Dust

Activity Calendar and Scheduler

Devs are introducing some quality-of-life improvements that will make using the Activities Calendar and Scheduler more convenient.

  • The tap area in the Warbands and Clan menus has been increased.
  • Activities that occur “today” or “tomorrow” will state that instead of the numerical date.

The Navigation menu also received a few quality-of-life improvements to work in tandem with the Clan-centric features released in this Major Update.

  • A new Clan tab has been added to the Navigation menu. Both the new Accursed Tower game mode and Clan-related features that were previously found located in the Faction tab can be found in the new Clan tab.
  • The Quest tab will be removed from the Navigation menu. Quests can still be accessed via the Quest Tracker.

These changes are solely for the UI and do not alter the gameplay of the features they support.

New Bestiary Entries

We’re adding 20 new Horadric Bestiary entries to catalogue enemies fought in Stormpoint and new Helliquary bosses. They’re available wherever you slaughter monsters! After a player collects 10 Bestiary entries, they’ll receive a Rare Crest. Players will also receive a Legendary Crest after collecting 50 and 100 Bestiary Entries.

Clan and Cycle of Strife

Finding, joining, and recruiting for a Clan will now be more accessible than ever. As Clans become more critical in the continual struggle to control towers around Sanctuary, we want to arm both players and Clan Leaders with more means to find like-minded individuals. As such, we have made some improvements:

  • When players search for available Clans to join, they will be sorted from highest to lowest on the list according to their current number of Online Players.
  • Players without a Clan will receive more guidance on joining a clan and more easily see suggestions for Clans containing a high number of active players.
  • Players currently in a Clan can now apply to a new Clan without leaving their current Clan. If accepted to the new Clan, they will automatically leave the old one and join the new one.
  • Clan Leaders will now have a Member Recruitment interface available under the Clan tab, making it easier for them to find both players without a clan and in clans with low membership.
  • Dark Clan Leaders can now directly invite Adventurers to join them. If an Adventurer accepts, they will automatically become a Shadow.

Hide Helmet Cosmetic Option

Players can now hide their helmet for select Cosmetic Sets. To hide your character’s helmet for eligible Cosmetic Sets, navigate to the Cosmetics menu and click the Hide Helmet button on the bottom left corner of the Cosmetic preview screen.

Are you excited with the Diablo Immortal 1.8 Age of Falling Towers update? Let us know in the comments below!

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