Clash Mini shut down announcement stuns community as players urge developers to ‘save’ the game

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The shut down announcement of Clash Mini, the strategy board game of Supercell came as a shock to most of the players, including me. Well, this decision isn’t sitting right with the Clash Mini community and player base, as there is a huge uproar about bringing back the game with trends under #SaveClashMini across multiple social platforms.

Clash Mini had great potential to be an engaging title on the get-go

Ever since the first update, I felt the game had great “fun” potential. With every update the game brought, be it your initial ones or even the simplest of balance changes, there was something unique in it that didn’t hamper the fun gameplay that made Clash Mini popular. Although in beta for two-plus years, Clash Mini was one of the three games in the pipeline for a 2024 launch alongside Squad Busters and

Clash Mini Fireplace Characters Mini Game Cover
Image via Supercell Games

Well, with yesterday’s announcement, things have come to a halt regarding the release of the game. Even though the game was in the beta/early access stage without a full-fledged release, there was a certain hype that Clash Mini built, which was displaying immense potential to be a game that is loved by players of all ages.

Hence, the ones who were active players of the game have joined together to ‘protest’ against the discontinuation of Clash Mini development. This has caught fire on X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit, with players of the game asking the developers to not stop development.

The community rallies to bring back Clash Mini across social media

On X, there is a huge trend going about “saving” Clash Mini from the clutches of demise as fans and players are trying to reach out to the developers to get the game the release it deserves.

Most of the fans believe that the game is going to be a global hit once it is released.

A cheeky reference to the Clash Mini gameplay is also made by a user, urging for continued efforts despite the slim chance of Supercell reversing their decision.

The trend has caught up fire, with over 10,000 posts under the #SaveClashMini tag.

Well, there are also players on Reddit who have labelled it as Supercell’s “stupidest decision” yet, with players also suggesting this is a missed opportunity for the Finnish developer.

The comments also expressed the same, where the majority are in favour of Clash Mini getting a full-fledged launch. Many players have also expressed their disappointment over Supercell’s idea of bringing the Clash Mini experience to another popular title Clash Royale, which they find “biggest waste of potential”.

Well, with divided opinions on the shut down, the fate of Clash Mini remains uncertain since this uproar might make Supercell rethink. Not only they are going against the wishes of the players, but they also overlook the potential for greater gains by capitalizing on the current momentum. Who am I kidding, at the end of the day it is all in the hands of the developer.

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