Clash Royale fan proposes a Magnet Building card that attracts metallic objects from troops

A feeling of attraction?

Reddit and Clash Royale ideas are a deadly combo. Some ideas from the r/ClashRoyale subreddit have been very impressive, and it adds to the fact that there is no limit to creativity. Another concept idea has surfaced in the Reddit feed with a magnet building “attracting” stuff towards it with a little twist in Clash Royale.

The Magnet building card can prove to be a wonderful distraction with a metallic

In the concept video shared by Reddit user u/MehmetSalihKoten, who’s already popular for his Air Balloon Concept that was shared last month, a Magnetic Building was shown displaying its magic. The card is shown deployed in the middle of the arena, waiting for a move from the opponent.

In a turn of events, an Inferno Dragon was deployed by the opponent. As usual, we expect to see the dragon concentrating on the defense, with a thought of what the magnet building might do. But a surprise move from the defensive building makes it attract the metal helmet from the Inferno and convert it into a Baby Dragon.

This is a really cool edit, and it also shows how impressive this might look if it was added. Another example showed the wordless Elite Barbarians, which actually weren’t elite anymore. Rated as an 8 Elixir building, this might seem costly but might be a deserved one indeed.

The Reddit community is open to the idea of a new defense card

As usual, the Reddit responses are cracking, with a lot of creative names and scenarios mentioned for the new concept. One guy named it a “Magnet Shroom”, with many in agreement. Some even mentioned what’ll happen to Mega Knight and PEKKA if they are exposed to this. Well, we shouldn’t be thinking much ahead as they might be, uh, in their birth suits?

Magnet Building reaction
Image via Reddit

This card would be very overpowered. Most of the troops sadly would cover their eyes in shame. Although this is a cool idea, we might not see this coming to the game. But who knows, the makers might have a different plan. We have to wait and see. Till then, let us enjoy such amazing concept arts.

What are your thoughts about this new Magnet Building card concept in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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