The Royale Recruits card in Clash Royale needs a change and a fan already has a fresh concept

What if you can deploy Royale Recruits in formations?

In r/ClashRoyale, dedicated to Supercell’s popular strategy title, a user has come up with a reworked concept to make the already existing Royale Recruits cool and effective in Clash Royale. For now, the card is finely balanced and not a real fan favorite card, however, the fan concept shows that the card can really be interesting to play if Clash Royale considers this idea.

Royale Recruits reworked: A fresh concept

A Reddit user u/kyvhe on the Clash Royale subreddit shared a reworked concept on how the Royale Recruits can function. For those who aren’t familiar, the Royal Recruits is a Common Card unlocked at Arena 7 which on deployment spawns six single-target, shielded melee-ranged troops. Currently, they can only be deployed in one formation. But the Reddit user has an interesting idea.

What if we can deploy these recruits in different formations? Just like in a football game where you will get your players to follow a formation to get the better of the opposition. Isn’t that a cool concept? That’s exactly the message here. The user u/kyvhe has three formations, as shown in the images: Flying Wedge, Tortoise, and the currently available one, Phalanx.

Royale Recruits rework idea by u/kyvhe
Royale Recruits rework idea (Image via Reddit)

The Flying Wedge is an arrowhead formation, where one recruit heads the attack, with the rest of them behind forming a triangle. Tortoise is a formation where it has recruits lined up in evenly distributed rows of three, and Phalanx is a kind of straight line of recruits. These formations can be changed at any point in the match.

The player has to choose a formation by pressing on the card icon before deployment. This activates the formation list. Then the user has to drag and select the formation he wants. This concept, if implemented, can help a player decide the way he would like his Royale Recruits deployed, depending on the scenario or strategy in the game.

Reddit users have their say

After the user shared his post on Reddit, many users shared their opinions on the concept. Most of them appreciated the “cool idea” of the OP, while a few added their doubts on overviewing all aspects. One user commented on how a commented how he thinks “it’ll make them more diverse, not better,” while others found it unnecessary for a “common card” to have such an “option”, many came up with the thoughts that card rarity shouldn’t matter. Even with mixed opinions, it was a particularly positive response from the community.

Although card concepts aren’t a rarity and are pitched plenty of times in different forums, good ideas are honestly, a rarity. For a viewer, filtering out such ideas take time. As for the makers, they have a different eye. It doesn’t matter whether an idea is good or not, or whether implementation is required or not, the final say is always in the hands of the maker.

What are your thoughts about the Royale Recruits card concept in Clash Royale? Do you think this might be beneficial to the players? Let us know in the comments below!

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