Clash Royale player spends 150 hours recreating the Royal Arena using Blender

A visually breathtaking arena!

Another outstanding and visually attractive creation has surfaced recently from a Clash Royale player. In a work span stretching over 150 hours, he has rebuilt the Royal Arena in Clash Royale using Blender, which is displayed with a first-person view taking a stroll inside.

See a stunning look of the Royal Arena from the inside like never before

Behind the spectacular effort is Lenz Graphics, a digital creator who has over 100K subscribers on YouTube. He has previously done the same work on Clash of Clans videos, particularly the one he attempted to make each Town Hall realistic, and received good comments as well.

Clash Royale blender workaround
Image via Lenz Graphics/Blender

The first part of the work was the scaling, so as to match the proportions correctly. Following this was the modeling, which included the buildings and sculpting the details after which he focused on the materials and used the Substance Painter tool for adding 2D textures into a 3D model. Final touch by placing the grass, rocks, and other materials.

He has done this by rendering it on Blender which has come out amazingly well. Blender is an amazing software for creating animated films, visual effects, and other applications. By using powerful, high-end GPUs like the RTX series, the rendered products will look even better and more detailed. 

Even though this is a minute not stretching for more than five minutes, the amount of work put into the making of the video is tremendous and it is appreciable even to attempt this.

What are your thoughts about this Blender recreation of the Royal Arena of Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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