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Diablo Immortal monetization system is forcing streamers to quit the game

Popular gaming streamer Wujido and community site Maxroll are adding to the huge list of streamers to quit Diablo Immortal amongst the exodus happening with the game after its recent release. In recent weeks, many famous streamers quit playing Diablo Immortal, followed by Wujido and community site Maxroll.

The well-known streamer Wujido has already said that he is planning to quit the game whereas Maxroll is planning to pull off their whole Diablo Immortal branch deliberately. Following these events, many famous names such as Quin69 deleted their character and left the game after spending $15,000 to get one max rank legendary item.

Moreover, on the Diablo Immortal subreddit, there have also been a number of recent threads about players quitting the game, citing dissatisfaction with the endgame or the belief that paid players have an unfair advantage over free-to-play users.

Many streamers have cited the aggressive pay-to-win system as the primary reason for making this decision

Wujido, who has played Blizzard‘s renowned titles such as Warcraft and Diablo for more than a decade plans on quitting the game stating that he will not release any Diablo Immortal videos in the future. He adds further that many of his friends have also left the game feeling demotivated and after he is done with his clan’s current reign he will stop playing this game.

Diablo Immortal Demon Gates Guide Cover
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On the other hand, Maxroll who has been dedicatedly posting content over their website regarding Diablo Immortal announced the shuttering of its Diablo Immortal branch. They cited that they generally don’t often cancel a game where they have cumulatively put 10,000+ hours of work, but now they have to because of the “predatory pay-to-win system”.

It also states that it has never discontinued any branch before this. The gambling impulses, the predatory pay-to-win system, and the general community disappointment are the main reasons they put forward behind discontinuing its Diablo Immortal branch.

Owing to this, many twitch streamers and other Youtubers such as Quin69, Bellular Gaming, and Asmongold are also planning to leave this game. They are simply done with the game’s pay-to-win strategy, hardly bringing any new content and ideas.

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Blizzard became greedy. what a shame in the gaming industry


I don’t think any Blizzard game will ever not be pay to win in the future as long as Activision is in charge. If you don’t like pay to win, then look forward to PoE 2 instead of Diablo 4.

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