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Genshin Impact player attempts to create a Colosseum in the game

Players imagination keeps getting better!

A Genshin Impact player has shared their Serenitea pot world where they created a very impressive-looking Colosseum with the limited choices available in the Serenitea pot. In Genshin Impact, apart from the main gameplay of Gacha RPG, the developers have implemented many different types of gameplay into the mix, and one such is the Serenitea pot.

Inside the teapot is a sandbox type of house building, where players will have the freedom to design, construct, and arrange the teapot world to their liking. They are also even able to place their favorite characters in the world simulating the traveler (their character) living with them.

Genshin Impact fan shows off creativity in the  Serenitea Pot housing system

In a post by a Reddit user with the handle, u/HEB_AQW, they shared their very own creation in their Sereniteapot world. The world made by the player features an entire coliseum that is hard to believe was made from the very limited building materials that are present in the Teapot shop. The user says “I made an attempt on the Colosseum! Feels incomplete because those desert walls have an absurd load cost. Well, what do you think of it?

So far, the reception of the post of coliseum’s take on Genshin impact is almost exclusively positive with replies on how cool the structure and the interior are. Another player with the handle of u/LuckyLupe saying that Sereniteapot players are just something else and that the build of the player looks cool.  The author also said that although the interior is very much completed the exterior is a bit incomplete as desert walls have an absurd load cost. However, another player even said that it is not incomplete, only antique as a way to encourage the player that posted.

Colosseum in the game managed to impress the Genshin Impact Community

Such reception and replies are a testament to how wholesome and caring the fanbase of Genshin Impact is. With the game boasting very chill and wholesome gameplay it is not a surprise how much players are supporting each other. Many other builds have been created in the Serenitea pot and posted into the subreddit, and almost every time the replies are very wholesome words of encouragement and compliments on how great their builds are.

Genshin Impact Colosseum design
Image via Reddit

Seen above, is candace posing with her spear and shield inside the interior of the arena. Looks as if it is literally built for her as the gladiator vibes overflow with one of the Reddit users with the handle of u/Apprehensive-Search6 even replying with Someone please host some tournament there with Raiden or Nahida being the emperor, giving thumbs down”. This a very interesting idea that hopefully, Hoyoverse picks up and put into future events of future gladiator events.

Final Thoughts

This artistic creation of a coliseum in a Sereneitea pot by u/HEB_AQW, is a very interesting take on the gameplay of Genshin impact where most players come in to defeat enemies, gain loot, finish quests, then pull more characters. This attests to how much depth the gameplay of Genshin impact has gained in the past years since it has been released.

Additionally, it really highlights how creative can gamers be especially when given a chance to create something on their own in a sandbox environment that in my opinion, Hoyoverse has done justice on. With many additional gameplay types Hoyoverse has been putting into the Genshin impact, from battler pokemon style to a trading card game, the depth of the game just continues to go deeper as more fans play the game and older ones stay for the newer gameplay contents.

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