Minecraft player creates Metallica’s Master of Puppets album cover

The world of Minecraft has already seen a number of incredibly imaginative buildings, and now we have another one featuring Metallica, the wildly successful heavy metal band that has remained on the charts since the 1980s. A Minecraft enthusiast who is also a huge admirer of heavy metal music has managed to reproduce the cover art for Metallica’s classic album Master of Puppets.

With endless potential for creativity, Minecraft has been a blank canvas for all sorts of builds over the years

It’s fairly popular for Minecraft players to create blocky reproductions of well-known objects, whether it’s a replication of a real-world monument or a scene from a movie. The game has served as a blank canvas for all kinds of builds over the years because of its limitless creative potential, and the community is teeming with bright people who continue to show off some truly outstanding efforts. Fans occasionally like to express how much they appreciate vintage albums.

A recent post on the site by Reddit member u/Thepromc64 showed us his reproduction of Metallica’s hit album Master of Puppets cover. They used what appears to be a lot of quartz blocks, nether warts, a lot of other blocks, and photoshop to put everything together.

Master of Puppets is one of the biggest Metallica albums and pretty much the fuel to their flight to worldwide stardom as it was an instant hit when it came out back in 1986. Metallica themselves are still very relevant with millions of listeners still listening. 

The builder also added their own touches and said in another comment- “yeah, because the master of puppets album cover image is a graveyard filled with soldier Graves and with the hands of the master of puppets in the sky pulling your strings (twisting your mind and smashing your dreams), and if you look at the real cover, the middle front grave has a name tag hanging from it and the one on its right (our left) has a soldier’s helmet on it, 2 details I added”.

Minecraft Black Hole Milky Way Cover
Image via Minecraft

The Minecraft community never fails to astound. If you haven’t heard about all the imaginative builds in Minecraft that have been displayed apart from Metallica, a brief recap would include references to Minas Morgul from The Lord of the Rings, Planet Gallifrey from the iconic Doctor Who series, One Piece’s Onigashima, the city of Yahrnam from FromSoftware’s Bloodborne, A historical scene from Operation Desert Storm, Batman’s home- Gotham City, Star Wars Death Star destroying Alderaan and more.

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