Popular Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade passes away due to cancer

The entire Minecraft community is now grieving his death!

Technoblade, one of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers with 10 million subscribers, has unfortunately passed away due to stage 4 cancer at the age of 23. The faceless creator, identifiable by his iconic Minecraft-inspired profile picture with a pig wearing a crown, first informed his fans about his diagnosis back in August 2021 with an update video.

In the video, he maintains his humorous and entertaining composure and describes his condition and chemotherapy with jokes and the classic bedwars gameplay playing in the background.

He continued making Minecraft videos and had a second update video a while later. This video was again full of humor despite being about a rather gloomy topic: the creator’s arm amputation. Despite the ups and downs in his medical procedure, according to him at the end of the video, things were mostly going according to plan. 

Technoblade has thanked the Minecraft community for their love and support in his final video

In today’s video, titled “so long nerds”, Technoblade’s father first read out a note he had left for his fans, thanking them for his support. Then his father gave an emotional address, talking about how the note to his fans, who he cared a lot, was written in the last couple of hours before he passed away.

In typical Technoblade fashion, the note isn’t gloomy but instead, wishes the best for those who supported him and also, talks about a prank where he led the internet to believe that he was named Dave, instead of Alex.

His dedication to his community is truly admirable. His humorous content, entertaining personality and everything else that led millions to adore him will be missed. Other creators like Tommy Innit, J Schlatt, and Quackity to name a few, all expressed their condolences and shared how they loved and respected him.

What are your thoughts as Technoblade, one of the most popular Minecraft passed away? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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