Clash Heroes might be the next big hit from Supercell that fans have been waiting for

What it takes to be the next Supercell hit?

Clash Heroes is one of the three games from Supercell that’s been in the works since 2021. This is a different approach from the usual strategy titles that Supercell drops, as this will be an ActionAdventure game. Players embark on a journey donning the role of a hero who leads an army into battle against other players and enemy factions. Unique aspects of the game will create a major impact on the audience, and Clash Heroes might be looking for the same that fans will remember for a long time.

Clash Heroes introduces a new world of Clash Universe

The game features a unique combination of real-time strategy and action-packed combat. The game is developed in Unreal Engine, which means in the future, we might be getting fully-fledged Clash Universe scenarios without a drop in quality as we see the Archers, Barbarians, etc. in action. The Arena is the place where players engage in battle. The arena could be of terrains and mountains as seen in the game.

Following a gameplay style similar to Brawl Stars, a top-down approach, we see heroes battling out in the arena with a lot of emphases given to the moves and the way the player executes them. Having two types of moves for a hero having one as a special one, it’ll allow users to use them accordingly and in scenarios where you have powerful enemies. Heroes play a crucial role in fast-paced battles, as they can turn the tide of battle with their powerful abilities.

Gameplay of Clash Heroes
The gameplay of Clash Heroes (Image via Supercell)

Playing with friends also is something gamers like, and Clash Heroes allows the players to take down enemy factions with their team. Customization options are beneficial for the players to change the look of their favorite hero into something stylish or dapper that would look cool in the game. So, what else is going to make this Supercell title a hit?

Action-based games connect faster and Clash Heroes could be the next

Who doesn’t love action games? Most of the popular games are of the action genre. With a lot of new games coming in the genre, it doesn’t take away the shine from the already existing games. The competition is high, but the distributed fanbase and the love of the genre make it safe to place your foot on if you are a Game Developer.

Clash Heroes’ particular focus isn’t only on the action elements the game has, but it also covers other aspects that a gamer would enjoy. It is not that hardcore action with too many bullets flying around, but on beautiful maps where the characters engage in duels. It becomes more fun with friends, and with a good gameplay experience, you’ll never know how time will pass.

Why we think Clash Heroes can be Supercell’s next big hit

The reason behind this is simple, after Brawl Stars, Supercell hasn’t seen a major hit because all their releases were similarly themed, and due to this, the developments had to be stopped. Falling prey to this was Clash Quest’s development halt since the game didn’t meet Supercell’s “high standards”. The other clash game, Clash Mini seems to be very made for a niche audience as auto-chess games are not preferred by the large audience.

The last one in this clash series, Clash Heroes shows decent potential. Although the gameplay is not something entirely new, it carries the old clash vibe (from what we could infer from the leaked details). Considering the game is bringing multiplayer and possibly coop features, it has all the elements to be the flagbearer for the Clash IP in the future. So Clash Heroes could be the key to opening the loot of success.

There can be other games rising the charts soon, with Squad Busters being in the works from Supercell. A gameplay similar to Brawl Stars, it also has those action elements that make it unique. It brings all the Supercell characters to the game, and the closed beta tests running live now. However, from the first impression of the game it does not feel like the same level of Clash Heroes. Once again, it shows that the makers are banking on the clash universe, and it can be their winning factor.

Supercell’s winning formula might include another ingredient

Supercell’s winning formula has been the strategy genre without a doubt. Clash of Clans has been immensely popular for the strategic elements packed with a punch of action, the idea behind it was very unique and that has been the key to its success.

Yes, Brawl Stars have been another out-of-the-box idea, and Clash Royale is also a differently designed tower defense game. All these names are part of the “List of successful games” book, but they all have something in common, the Characters.

Heroes in Clash Heroes
Image via Supercell

Supercell has managed to create a universe revolving around the characters first introduced in Clash of Clans. Since then, the Clash Universe has only expanded, and characters from the Clash Universe by Supercell appear in almost all games. It has been a popular strategy to introduce characters that can be used in any game from the company in the future.

This might seem repetitive, but it will be brilliant to see the same character featured in a strategy game and then in a different look, come live in an action game. It will allow each character to have their backstory, something which we won’t see in many games.

Customization is key

Clash of Clans and Clash Royale both allow customization at a pretty good level. Supercell MAKE campaign also allowed players to create custom skins for Brawl Stars. Following the same pattern is Clash Heroes, with many skins on offer which can be purchased via gems. This adds that uniqueness to a particular character and is essential in upping the overall approach. Although they have begun with limited characters, a lot of the locked skins are awesome.

For example, the Wizard can be customized from a magician to a trader or even a robot, and all it depends on what choice the player wants to have. The package this game offers as a whole is impressive and can make people turn heads. We wish to see more freedom on the designs, but we don’t have to stall the idea as Supercell might get it included too.

Character Customization in Clash Heroes
Character Skins in Clash Heroes (Image via Supercell)

More arenas help to avoid the repetition of the scene and hence enhance the view of the game when you play it. Arena skins are also present in Supercell games throughout, which help in having a different feel each time. We might see come to the game during or after launch as the makers will be aiming to keep it for a better user experience.

Final Thoughts

Clash Heroes certainly has all the ingredients to be a hit among fans of the Supercell franchise and the strategy-action genre. The initial gameplay has been promising, and even though they’ve been lagging behind with the release, it is only a matter of time before we get this game in our hands. Only time will tell if it will reach the level of success of Supercell’s other games, but for now, the signs are really promising.

What are your thoughts about Clash Heroes by Supercell? Do you think it’ll fulfil its potential? Let us know in the comments below!

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