Supercell MAKE Campaign: How to make your own Brawl Stars custom skins

Submissions open March 21!

Supercell MAKE, the place to vote, create and enjoy community-made custom skins for Brawl Stars, is starting a new campaign on March 21st, 2022. This campaign invites any player to design and submit custom character skins for the chance to have them featured in-game, along with cash prizes. Submissions open on March 21, and fans are called to create custom designs to answer the question, “What if Brawler Emz was a pop star?”

Supercell MAKE first launched in November 2019, and until now required submissions to be 3D, meaning creators needed a fair amount of artistic experience. During this period, more than 6,100 skin designs have been submitted, 7 million votes have been cast, and seven community-designed skins have been already added to Brawl Stars.

Starting with this campaign, submissions can be in 2D, shifting the focus to the idea of the character skin rather than the execution and making the competition accessible to even more players. Daniel Medieros, Community Manager of Brawl Stars, stated,

We created Supercell MAKE to do more for our players. Now that we’re accepting 2D submissions, we’ll be able to engage with even more of our creative players who want to see their designs in Brawl Stars. Show us what you’ve got!

Daniel Medieros, Community Manager Brawl Stars

How to make your own Brawl Stars custom skins for the Supercell MAKE Campaign

There are certain submission guidelines players need to know when creating and submitting custom skins. All submissions consist of a Dynamic pose, T-pose turnaround, Thumbnail, and description. Add optional assets if you want to spice things up and grab the user’s attention, like work-in-progress, details, or even a story.

Dynamic Pose

Pose the Brawler in its new skin! In this custom skin image, you can show off your skin idea and be creative with What is the Brawler doing, Where are they, and How are they feeling.

custom skin guidelines
Dynamic Pose (Image via Supercell Games)

T-pose turn around

A view of the skin, weapon, and other assets from 4 different angles: the front, back, and side views. It’s important to include all the views, making it easier to create the skin in 3D. The main purpose of a turnaround is to be detailed and informative.

custom skin guidelines
Front, Side and Back view (Image via Supercell Games)


Your creation’s thumbnail will be displayed in the grid views throughout the site. So make sure to get the perfect shot that shows your Creation at its fullest and grabs the community’s attention.

Description of your custom Skin is a must

Do not forget to tell me about your concept of the skin. The guidelines to create custom skins are as follows:


  • Match the attitude of the skin with the wacky Brawl Stars humor
  • Light-hearted and non-violent
  • Avoid darker themes or approach them in a fun way


  • A skin should be like a chunky toy that you want to have on your desk
  • Focus on a couple of details and make them oversized to really pop out
  • Avoid adding too much detail. Remember that the characters are quite small when being played


  • Make the skin fun and colorful!
  • Keep in mind that the skin has to pop in-game
  • Avoid dark and washed out colors


  • Make the skin as memorable as the character
  • Always add a twist if you’re going for an common theme, you can for example mix two themes together to make it more unusual
  • Is this the best skin for this character?
  • Strong graphical elements such as logos, stickers or tattoos can give the design a lot of attitude

For more information on the updates, visit the Supercell official website, and read the latest blog post about this new campaign. The website for Supercell MAKE was developed in partnership with the North Kingdom.

Are you excited about Supercell MAKE campaign calling for Brawl Stars players for creating custom skins. Let us know in the comments!

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