Clash of Clans 9th Anniversary: 9 years of fun, glory, and Clashiversary

Strategy lovers celebrating 9 years of Clashiversary and so does Supercell

Another year has gone by, another milestone reached for Clash of Clans, the game that changed the concept for a mobile strategy game. Developed and published by Finnish video game developer Supercell, Clash of Clans is celebrating its 9th anniversary with grandeur. With some exciting challenges, bonus events, new skins, and deals for its players, the clash universe is enjoying a party full of fun and amazement.

As Supercell loves to celebrate every anniversary of CoC with its fans around the globe, this time is no different. So many rewards are waiting for the players. Nine years ago, the game was first released for iOS devices and after a year, released for Android. Overall, it’s been nine years of the game, and is still it hasn’t lost its appeal.

What’s in the celebration for the 9th anniversary of Clash of Clans

Archer queen as Party Queen

Every year since 2019, CoC has been introducing heroes with a new theme. We have seen 2019’s Party Grand Warden, 2020’s Party King, and this year the Party Queen.

A celebration video from Clash of Clans invited its players to join the party. The party is based on a theme which features the archer queen, and she’ll be called “Party Queen”. She’s going to catch all the attention with her new skins. The promo videos from CoC show some glimpses of the archer queen as party queen, and we saw her with different looks. When the anniversary finally hit the clash universe today, some small changes are noticeable.

The color of her hair changed to blue where the actual skin is purple. The crossbow our queen is holding has changed its shape and now it is looking cooler! It has got the shape of turntables. And the most exciting thing is, she’s throwing disks instead of an arrow at her enemies! The animation is different also, she’ll be doing a fist bump while roaming in her base.

Barbarian king as Beat King

So, the barbarian king is getting a makeover on his dress. He is going to rock the crowd with his sword by turning it into a keytar! Not a keytar actually, but it will have neon lighting on it. The king will have bright-colored skin with gemstones on his cap and some fancy epaulets on his shoulder.

CoC 9th anniversary cake

Like previous times, the 9th anniversary is coming with a cake to celebrate. It’ll take 9999 golds to remove it and in reward, players will get 99999 golds back. The cake is different this time. The previous one had “8” written on it, but the new cake does not have anything similar to that. Instead, it has a sword stuck through it.

New scenery

For the events, new scenery has been added but players have to purchase it from the event store. There’ll be a stage set up looking like a dragon’s head on the west side of the village, a pixel-made giant barbarian head stage on the northeast where some party wizards and goblins are dancing, the southeast part will have some goblin hut and a giant disco ball in the center of it.

coc home village scenery, coc 9th anniversary
Clash of Clans 9th anniversary special scenery (Image via Supercell)

And, some stairs leading to a doorway on aside. A fair is going on the southwest side with some hot pools, a big wheel, and a burning Pekka statue. If you still do not know how to change the Clash of Clans home village scenery, make sure to check our step by step guide.

Special statue

Previously, a burning Pekka statue was shown on Twitter by Clash of Clans. Only a part of his head is coming as an obstacle this time. The full statue of Pekka is in the southwest part.

Clash of Clans 9th Anniversary, coc 9th anniversary statue
Image via Supercell

Clash of Clans 9th Anniversary events

There are four in-game events we have found so far. Players will find them by clicking on the event icon. The clan war league will run for 10 days where a clan will fight against seven others. The “1 gem resource boost” will let players boost production buildings in Clash of Clans for the duration of the event. The 9th Clashiversary challenge will run for eight days and beating the challenge by taking three starts will reward a player with 30 gems and 2 hero potions. Don’t forget to check out the daily clashiversary deals to get cool offers or even gifts. There will be more events throughout the whole of August.

Updates from the beginning

Even players from the initial stage of the game could not remember how many updates the game introduced till now! The number is huge. The event page first appeared in 2016. They have been fixing the bugs from the very beginning of the game. New troops, buildings, and skins are coming consistently as well.

The last update came on June 2021 where new troop Dragon Rider and new super troop Rocket Balloon were introduced. Some things came into the game like the Introduction of army composition sharing links, the addition of the ability to rotate layouts by 90 degrees when editing, the size of the deployment bar can be adjusted, and many more. We don’t have any news regarding future updates, keep an eye on us to know more about the future ones.

What is going to happen with the new three games

Supercell is not going to stop its journey in the strategy games. They’re further pushing the abilities of their innovation. As a result, three new Clash games are coming with the known characters from their fantasy universe. The new line-up of clash games will be different from the existing ones. The games are Clash Heroes: a role-playing co-op option, Clash Quest: an adventure game, and Clash Mini: a board game like Chess.

So far, we only heard that the games are under development, and upon future testing and feedback from gamers, the game will have some changes. The developer says. “If they don’t meet the standards though, we’ll kill them and move on to other attempts.”

new clash games
Image via Supercell

“On top of offering a new Clash experience to current players, we want to broaden Clash to new audiences who haven’t experienced Clash before,” the developer wrote in a blog post.

What to expect in the future

Paananen reported that Supercell had seen revenue of $1.56 billion in 2019, and down slightly from last year’s $1.6 billion. The company is thinking to bring changes to its philosophy. As they’re entering their second decade in the market, they are trying to take a “slow growth significantly” step to move forward.

Supercell is infamous for killing games in beta. But the company is happy to see making such decisions from their developer team. An overall change will be seen in the company’s business policy, game making, and marketing. With three new games coming and changing scenarios inside the company, the fans and well-wishers will surely want to see the company take over the strategy genres.

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