Clash of Clans: How to change the Home village scenery

Change the look of your home village by following simple steps!

Supercell’s popular strategy game Clash of Clans has been on the rise as the years have passed, and the decade-old game has improved a lot as they have adapted to the changes the players have requested while also introducing new Town Hall levels over the years such as TH15 and TH16 and new in-game systems like Hero Equipment and Ores. In terms of cosmetics, Scenery has remained popular ever since they were introduced, but also there are several queries regarding the village scenery changes. It has been a question for many gamers how to change their home village scenery, so to answer your queries, the steps to change your village scenery in Clash of Clans are explained in detail.

CoC Home Village Scenery Overview

The Home village in Clash of Clans always had a regular classic scenery for many years. Without changes, it remained the only village scenery setting. In the Summer Update 2020 of Clash of Clans, another village scenery was introduced along with other updates.

Image via Supercell

Nevertheless, the inclusion of the Scenery feature remained optional, requiring players to purchase from the in-game shop. Despite this, the popularity of the new system surged, owing to its unique concept introduced by Supercell.

The addition of Scenery not only allowed players to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their village but also represented a noteworthy improvement to the overall visual experience within the game. While this was popular, many players failed to understand how they could change their village scenery in Clash of Clans. The process is pretty simple, and continue reading to learn more.

Steps to change the Home village scenery in Clash of Clans

The process below will help you change the village scenery in Clash of Clans:

1. Purchase the Village Scenery

CoC Cosmetics
Image via Supercell

Purchase the new village scenery from the Shop or in some cases, the Gold Pass will feature a scenery. In the shop, it might come as a separate item or with a bonus purchase included. You will have to pay to buy them. However, please note that you can not purchase it at any time. These come in the shop occasionally.

2. Change Scenery option

Clash of Clans Change Scenery
Image via Supercell

So, for the next step, head over to your Home Village screen and tap on your Town Hall. Among the options, you will be able to see an icon with the line Change Scenery. Tap on the icon and you can see the current Classic scenery you own.

3. Select the scenery you want to set

Now, if you have already bought the scenery, you will be able to see two or multiple sceneries you can choose from, along with the Classic Home Village scenery.

CoC Change Scenery
Image via Supercell

Choose the latest scenery to switch to a different and new village look. You also have the option to randomize the sceneries you own to pick one among them without manual selection by clicking the Dice icon. To view the scenery before applying it, click on the Eye icon.

Since they have officially introduced CoC to the PC platform, you can also download and play the game on PC. To apply the scenery on your CoC PC account, you can follow the same steps mentioned above.

Did you find the above steps mentioned to change the village scenery in Clash of Clans helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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