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The Future of Free Fire: What lies beyond

Garena Free Fire is a mobile-based battle royale game developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena Studios. The game was officially launched on 4 December 2017 for Android and iOS. Now as the mobile games market is slowly growing, what the future holds for Garena Free Fire? Read on to know.

Stiff Competition

Since its inception, the game found a genuinely consistent userbase among the lower to mid-range performing devices. With the passage of time, it made its way into the scenario of eSports global events. PUBG mobile, Fortnite mobile, CoD mobile among others have reckoned this game as a worthy rival. As a result, Free Fire followed a series of improvements and major additions to its gameplay. All of that, in the pursuit of edging forward in terms of being unique and offering a better gaming experience. Important to note here, Free Fire has always made efforts to make sure the updates remain light and smooth.

Introduction of the ‘P2W’ Concept

Lately, a rising discontent could be noted among the players as to how heavily the game is turning into a Pay2Win sort of game. But, consequently, Free Fire surpassed the mark of 1 billion lifetime revenue back in late 2019.

Creating the buzz

The game is constantly rolling out in-game events for almost all the servers to keep the players engrossed into claiming rewards. Be it in the forms of gun skins, costumes and other buffs etc. Therefore, heavily capitalising on the ‘fear of missing out’. The recent updates have focused more on graphics improvements. Garena has teamed up with various celebrities and streamers to cater to the popular demands of the Free Fire community.

The Future of Free Fire: What lies beyond?

Well, one of the most important factors from a seasoned player’s perspective while reviewing this game would be how deeply the developers value user feedback. So far, the responses have exceeded the expectations of the userbase.

Be it how frequently the game brings in new features, new modes, pets, emotes and characters or how massively Garena has been promoting events and releasing exclusive game content on YouTube through the various official channels.

If Free Fire maintains its current form in terms of keeping the players feel content and excited about the overall experience of playing a survival game then it’s bound to rise higher in popularity across all devices. Even the ultra-high-end ones wouldn’t be able to resist the lure of Free Fire’s calling. With its inclusion into the eSports, the game is already serving to be a career choice for many.

So what do you think about the future of Free Fire? Feel free to let us know in the comments below. And more instant updates, follow GamingonPhone on Facebook and Twitter.

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