What does the Facebook Cloud Gaming Platform mean for Mobile Gamers

A new Challenger has arrived to the scene!

Facebook Inc. has taken its next steps into becoming a cloud gaming service provider by launching the beta of its Facebook Cloud gaming on the 26th of October. In December of 2019, Facebook’s burgeoning interest in cloud gaming became public as they acquired Madrid based cloud gaming company PlayGiga. Almost a year after that purchase and, Facebook seems serious about investing in the cloud gaming industry.

In the world of Subscriptions, Facebook Cloud Gaming is Free

With Google Play Pass, Apple Arcade, GameClub, and many more, almost everyone has their own subscription service. Although it is not entirely sure what the future holds for the pricing model Facebook is currently taking a drastically different approach with the cloud service and has decided to make it free of cost.

Since the service is entirely free and contained on Facebook’s already massive user base, which boasts over 380 million users who game monthly, it would be safe to assume they’re hoping to have their users migrate and populate the new service.

Facebook Cloud Gaming brings in a brand new UI system

In order to entice players to make the transition, Facebook has introduced an improved Gaming tab.

Facebook Cloud Gaming

With the implementation of this new UI, Facebook has also updated its discovery and re-engagement features.  This means that they would have better ways to help users discover new games and most likely enable new push notifications which would allow old players to re-engage with games they may have fallen out of. These features exist to help entice developers to bring their games to Facebook’s new platform. As the service could not exist without the user or the developer, Facebook aims to please both parties with its service.

What can you expect to play in this platform?

Facebook Cloud Gaming

The games to launch this week include Asphalt 9: LegendsMobile Legends: AdventurePGA TOUR Golf ShootoutSolitaire: Arthur’s Tale, and WWE SuperCard. All the games available on Android will be ones that do not really require perfect latency for an enjoyable gaming experience.

Facebook Cloud Gaming

As our beta progress and cloud technology scales, we will increase the variety of game genres

Jason Rubin, VP of Play, Facebook

These games are just a test of the service and a taste of what is to come in the future. All of the games here are from well-known game studios with equally large player bases. So they are not going to be hindered by mobile control schemes as they are already natively supported. The user experiences on these games over the following weeks will help to fine-tune the service. This will allow games that require low latency to start making their appearance on the platform.

User and Community features of Facebook Cloud Gaming

Alongside this new streaming platform, Facebook has introduced Player Names and account avatars to their service. This would allow users some anonymity while playing games online instead of just having their full names displayed. Player Names along with all user activities will be visible from the Facebook app.

The developers have also announced that Facebook Login will now enable cross-save. This will be between the downloaded version you already have and the cloud version on offer. Now if your device is running out of space in the future, you can just delete a game. After that, you can play the streamed version of the same game through Facebook. Moreover, it is not only cross save but cross-play as well. This is useful because many of these games will have reinvigorated player bases which allow for better matchmaking for all users and more opportunities for IAP for devs.

Where is the Facebook Cloud Gaming Service launching?

The service is initially launching in the USA specifically in California, Texas, and Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. This includes Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, and West Virginia. There are plans to expand worldwide as the infrastructure is properly tested and scaled the future is bright for Facebook. All that remains is to test the service and to hear how the users feel about this new foray into cloud gaming.

Unveiled for Android but not for iOS

Apple’s policies towards in-app services have prevented many apps including Facebook Cloud Gaming from launching on the App Store. As a result of this, developers are hastily looking for workarounds. Apple users can still expect to access the service through their browsers. However, the service may not be as streamlined in the mobile browser as it is through the app.

The company might choose not to bring Facebook cloud gaming service to Apple altogether

Vivek Sharma, VP & Head of gaming at Facebook

They would of course find some workaround to have a presence on the platform. But the cuts to their IAP revenue is really deterring the tech conglomerate. As Apple continues to hold onto IAP in this battle of profit margins, its consumers are going to continue to lose out.

We will make sure to keep you posted on the future of Apple and this IAP deadlock. Now get playing for free at Facebook Gaming!

Are you excited about the new Facebook Cloud Gaming platform? Let us know in the comment section below.

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