Arena of Valor 2022 esports roadmap reveals details about Regional Leagues, AIC, and AWC

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A large number of players are captivated by Level Infinite when it announced its merger with Arena of Valor as well as Honor of Kings in 2022’s Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC). During the AIC 2021 finals, Tencent Games shared the complete 2022 esports roadmap for Arena of Valor The fans were optimistic this merger could increase the stakes and allow the sport to host bigger events.

Arena of Valor 2022 esports Roadmap

Amateur Tournaments/Grassroots Level confirmed alongside Content-Creator only tournaments. The roadmap looks like this – Amateur > Regional Cups & Semi-Pro Tournaments >Pro League > AIC > AWC

Arena of Valor 2022 esports roadmap, aov 2022 esports
Image via Tencent Games

AOV Regional tournaments

The tournament will permit returning regional tournaments. Participants will also be able to be part of events that are exclusively for content creators until 2022. The journey to becoming an official player for Arena of Valor esports in 2022 will begin from the point of entry. The regions are the Americas, MENA, South Asia, and Europe.

aov 2022 esports regional leagues, arena of valor
Image via Tencent Games

AOV Pro Leagues

RPL 2022 Summer begins in late January. It will be followed by AOG, GCS, and ASL in February.

  • Split 1 will e over between May and selects the teams to participate in AIC 2022 in June.
  • Split 2 July will be in September for AWC 2022 in October

Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC) 2022

Players can sign up for Amateur leagues, and later until Semi-Pro and as Semi-Pro Pro Leagues which will lead to the Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC) with an award amount of $2.5 million. To be able to reach the top spot players must participate in their regions to earn championship points.

Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC) 2022

World Cup, set for sometime in the fall of 2022, will have a huge prize amount that will be worth $10 million. This is the highest for one tournament in the history of mobile Esports. It is expected that the World Cup will feature teams from around the world and, according to Gottsman the tournament will be the highest point in AOV Esports.

awc 2022, arena of valor world cup 2022, awc 2022 prize pool
Image via Tencent Games

16 Teams will battle for the first time ever a $10 million prize in the Mobile World Championship. This is the largest prize in Mobile Esports

  • Champion takes home $3.5M
  • Each team is guaranteed $250K

It will be interesting to observe how the new ecosystem evolves across the globe and how AoV fans across the world are able to accept it.

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