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DOU5 was crowned champions of the Identity V Call of The Abyss (COA) VI 2023 Global Finals

The global carnival is now over!

The global celebration of Identity V, a popular 1V4 Asymmetry Battle mobile game developed by NetEase, concluded on May 3rd with the successful completion of the Global Finals of Identity V Call of The Abyss (COA) VI 2023. This renowned esports event, which carries the utmost prestige and a prize pool of $584,567 this year, crowned the team of DOU5 as the champions. The COA VI Global Finals playoffs took place simultaneously at two locations: Hangzhou, China, and Tokyo, Japan, with live streaming available worldwide.

Champions DOU5 presented fierce competition during the Identity V COA VI 2023 finals

From April 30th to May 3rd, a total of 12 teams participated in the four-day playoffs of Identity V’s ultimate honor. Among them, Team DOU5 and Team GG, representing the Chinese Mainland, emerged as the finalists. Ultimately, Team DOU5 secured the world championship title, with DOU5_DongX being recognized as the FMVP. Meanwhile, Team GG claimed the second prize, and Team Gr took home the third prize.

Identity V COA VI DOU5
Image via Image via NetEase

This year’s COAVI World Championship drew the participation of 20 competitive teams from six regions: Chinese Mainland, Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and NAEU. After an intense group stage, the top 12 teams advanced to the playoffs, where they showcased their skills and presented an impressive and diverse spectacle.

The pinnacle of excitement arrived with the COAVI Global Finals, captivating audiences worldwide as two teams battled it out on the grand stage. The live-streamed event garnered immense support from viewers cheering on their favorite teams. The final match proved to be an enthralling display, as the top two teams demonstrated exceptional performances and engaged in a closely contested championship clash. The intense competition spanned five rounds, revealing the teams’ meticulous character pool research and impressive battle formations.

Identity V COA VI 2023
Image via Image via NetEase

Both sides employed dedicated strategies, delivering a textbook-like performance to the audience. Ultimately, Team DOU5 outperformed their opponents, securing the coveted title of COAVI world champion and proudly bringing home the trophy symbolizing their unrivaled global dominance.

International competition and return to offline esports highlight COA VI Global Finals

The COA (Call of Abyss) event of this year is being held in two separate venues. The Hangzhou venue in China accommodates over 3000 spectators, while the Tokyo venue can hold more than 450 people. Besides closely watching the games at the venues, the audience also has the opportunity to engage in various activities outside, such as purchasing merchandise and meeting the contestants.

Additionally, attendees at the event have the chance to obtain a limited offline costume of the character Hermit from Identity V. These on-site activities not only provide a more immersive experience for players but also contribute to the overall excitement of the event.

Identity V COA VI venue
Image via Image via NetEase

The event has garnered significant global attention. During the COA VI global final, topics related to Identity V were trending on popular Chinese social media platforms Weibo and Twitter, indicating the widespread popularity of the COAVI world championship.

In the Identity V COAVI Global Finals, teams from different regions demonstrated their exceptional skills and delivered outstanding performances on the stage. Every member of the audience thoroughly enjoyed the high-quality international competition. This event marks a return to offline esports, adding to the liveliness of the occasion. The active involvement of contestants, audience, and staff further enhances the vibrancy of the event and contributes to the internationalization of Identity V.

What are your thoughts as Team DOU5 is crowned as the champions of Identity V COA VI 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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