Indian esports organizations S8ul and Skyesports get into online tussle over election results

The heated exchange of India's leading esports organizations!

In recent developments, the owner of arguably the most popular Indian gaming organization, Lokesh “Goldy” Jain from S8UL, originally hailing from 8-Bit and Shiva Nandy, the CEO of India’s most prominent esports organizer Skyesports, who basically came under the limelight due to their involvement in BGMI esports. Earlier today, Mr. Nandy came under flak due to a political tweet he made that stirred up a controversy between S8UL and Skyesports, and was later deleted by him.

A politically aligned tweet by Shiva Nandy was what stirred up this controversy

In India’s southern state of Karnataka, the state assembly elections concluded where the ruling party of India, the Bharatiya Janata Party or the BJP lost the state to the Indian National Congress which got more than twice the number of allocated seats in Karnataka.

S8ul controversy
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The result was met with a tweet by Shiva Nandy, that kind of segregated the nation of India as a whole by mentioning the southern states being independent of the rest of the country having a reference to an iconic scene from Game of Thrones. This might have been an issue with the wording, but it nonetheless masked the true message of Shiva Nandy if there was any as he claimed.

8bit Goldy did not take it the right way for some well-defined reasons that are stated in the Twitter thread, and he took a stand against the supposedly politically agitating remarks made by the CEO of Skyesports himself. This started an on/off online war of words between Shiva Nandy and the collective force of S8UL who fought for the notion of 8bit Goldy.

The S8UL members criticized Shiva Nandy for bringing the world of gaming in close proximity to politics that violating their ideal of staying true to a non-partial approach towards gamers regardless of their political beliefs. This led to 8bit Goldy saying that in the foreseeable future, S8UL will think of boycotting all Skyesports events due to the rift that has now sprung between the two organizations.

S8UL boycotting Skyesports might not materialize due to the existing contract

Although 8bit Goldy from S8UL has indirectly expressed his thought to boycott Skyesports events, this might not materialize due to an existing contract that exists between them that requires S8UL to field their team in Skyesports tournaments. And if they fail to do so, Shiva Nandy and Skyesports could very well seek legal action which would be an unnecessary headache for S8UL.

UPDATE (3:20 PM UTC, May 16, 2023): Skyesports spokesperson reached out to us to comment on the matter.

“Politics beliefs are personal and do not reflect the views of the organization. We have resolved our situation with S8ul internally. We look forward to working together to grow and support the esports scene of the country in the years to come.”

Did you keep tabs on this recent controversy between S8UL and Skyesports? If so, what are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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