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PEL Last Chance Qualifier 2023 for PMGC: Teams, Format and More

The last chance for several popular teams!

PEL Last Chance Qualifier 2023 is the final shot that the Chinese teams will get in order to qualify to play in the PMGC or the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2023, the highest level of competition in the Esports system of the game. The big giants such as Nova, 4AM, and STE will look forward to excelling in this competition and clinching the final available slot for the Chinese region in the Global Championship.

PEL Last Chance Qualifier: Format

The PEL or the Peace Elite League Last Chance Qualifier 2023 will serve the sole purpose of being a qualifier and will not hold any importance whatsoever in terms of the title and will not be a major title despite being an S-tier tournament. The tournament will consist of 15 teams competing for the top spot, anything else will not be enough.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship PMGC 2023 cover impact
Image via PUBG Mobile Esports

The 15 teams participating in the PEL Last Chance Qualifier will take part in 4 matchdays and will compete against each other in 24 matches, 6 matches per day, and will be contested in Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. The top 3 teams are based on the points accumulated from the two seasons of PEL in 2023. The top 3 teams, namely, WBG, TEC, and Tianba will not participate in the said qualifier.

Also, RSG and JTeam won’t take part, being the worst-performing teams of the season so far. Barring these 5 teams, the remaining 15 teams will take part. After 4 days, the team at the top will get a ticket to the PMGC 2023 in the later part of the year.

PEL Last Chance Qualifier: Participating Teams

The 15 participating teams of the PEL Last Chance Qualifier are:

Image via Peace Elite League
  • Four Angry Men (4AM)
  • TeamPai (PAI)
  • ThunderTalk Gaming (TT)
  • Six Two Eight (STE)
  • KONE Esport (KONE)
  • All Gamers Club (AG)
  • Action Culture Technology (ACT)
  • ShowTime (ST)
  • LGD Gaming (LGD)
  • Nova Esports (Nova)
  • Tong Jia Bao (TJB)
  • JD Esports (JDE)
  • Vision Esports (VS)
  • Wolves Esports (Wolves)
  • The Chosen (TC)

PMGC is on the sight for many of the teams

Nova, the greatest team to participate in PUBG Mobile Esports will be playing with a handicap in the PEL Last Chance Qualifier, due to the absence of Paraboy, lauded as the best player to grace the game besides Order, who is his teammate. Also, 4AM, another fan favorite, missed out on the PMGC slots from PEL Summer 2023 as well. But only one team will be able to qualify, and it remains to be seen which team will do so.

Which team will you be rooting for in the LCQ? Will they perform up to the mark? Let us know in the comments below!

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